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Taliban Founding Leader gets clearance to speak in Goa

In a shocking development, one that is raising serious questions on the role Centre and State, Taliban founding leader Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef spoke at two sessions at the recently held ThinkFest in Goa.

Though now reformed and author of a new book, Zaeef was considered to be one of the main strategist of the Taliban during its formative years. In fact the famous Khandhar hijacking of Air India IC-184 was the brainchild of this Taliban leader.

Currently Zaeef is working with the US government to bring about a change in countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan to end the fundamental workings of the Taliban organisation.

However, interestingly though this controversial figure presence was never questioned by any government authority in the Centre or State. Zaeef had taken a flight from Doha to Goa in order to attend the ThinkFest event.

When spoke to current Goa’s poster boy via MLA Vijai Sardesai who also attended the event, felt that there was nothing to object about the Taliban leader being present at the event. He added, “He is trying to bring about a change in Taliban ways and international diplomacy.”

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