Talk On ‘Farming The Rain For Sustainable Profit’ On 26th September

National Institute of Oceanography has organized a talk on ‘Farming the Rain for Sustainable Profit’ by Dr. P.R. Sheshagiri Rao on 26th September at 4.00 pm at NIO Auditorium, Dona Paula.

The talk will focus on the need and benefit of redesigning rain fed farming to adapt to climate risks and utilize climate opportunities. It will also cover its own shift to a new approach and methodology that includes intervention such as extending the utilized soil profile, using multi-tier system with very high density and diversity of species, nurturing soil to generate virtuous cycle of biomass, nutrients and water.

Topics like use of modern technological practices such as use of soil moisture to collect data on the soil properties, crop and disease simulation models, long term climate data to optimize farming strategies will also be covered.

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