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Tamankar back as Goa Congress spokesperson

In over 24-hours, resigned Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) spokesperson Sudip Tamankar took a media briefing at the Congress House attacking the Parrikar-led government while dodging questions about the submission of his resignation.

Speaking to the media, Tamankar, stated that he had put in his resignation letter, but, GPCC president Subash Shirodkar has not accepted the resignation. However, when questioned on whether he withdrew his resignation, he refused to answer the question.

Interestingly, when Leader of Opposition Pratapsingh Rane was questioned for his reaction on the resignation of GPCC spokesperson Sudip Tamankar, he seemed surprised about the appointment of Tamankar as spokesperson and told media that, “he was not aware the Tamankar was officially appointed as spokesperson.”

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