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Tamankar not Congress spokesperson: Brar

Sudip Tamankar who had been recently inducted into the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) and unofficially given the Congress spokesperson mantle by GPCC acting President Subash Shirodkar has landed himself in hot water with the party high command in Delhi, over his recent remarks on behalf of the Congress which was not authorized by either GPCC or AICC. According to Jagmeet Singh Brar, Goa Desk-in-Charge, “Tamankar is not the Congress spokesperson in Goa and he is not authorised to talk on any issue on behalf of the party.”

In a press conference taken at the Congress House yesterday, Tamankar attacked the BJP government declaring that Congress has got 11 of the BJP MLAs and 3 MGP MLAs in talks with them over a change of leadership in the state; giving rise to large-speculation about whether Tamankar has let the cat out of the bag of the covert Congress operation of destablising the Parrikar government or was Tamankar, as some say deliberately putting Congress in a spot once again to cause an embarassment.

When spoke to senior party leaders at AICC, Oscar Fernandes and Goa Desk-in-Charge Jagmeet Singh Brar they were surprised and shocked about the recent statements of Tamankar, even the one’s attacking former Chief Ministers Pratapsingh Rane and Digambar Kamat. It appears that the Congress high command is expected to take a stern action against Tamankar.

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