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TCP (Amendment) Bill 2018 to be taken up for discussion in Assembly: Sardesai

The Goa Legislative Assembly is expected to take up for discussion tomorrow the Town and Country Planning (Amendment) Bill 2018, cabinet minister Vijai Sardesai said today.

The bill seeks to incorporate three “innovative tools” of planning, which the minister said would “retain the ethos of Goa for posterity”.

“Accommodation Reservation (AR), Transferable Development Rights (TDR) and the TDR for posterity are the path-breaking concepts in the bill,” the TCP minister expressed.

He said the concept of “TDR for posterity” will be implemented for the first time in the country to incentivise preservation of eco-sensitive areas and heritage houses in the coastal state.

He said AR tool is meant specifically for acquiring landalong with the constructed amenity.

“This accommodation reservation tool will ensurethat only public amenities will be created in areas which are high priced where land acquisition is an expensive proposition,” the minister said.

The facilities for public would be created without any cost to the public exchequer, and the land owner would be compensated by way of the built-up area or FAR (Floor Area Ratio) in the same plot, he explained.

The minister said the state government was also looking forward to introduce the concept of Transfer of Developmental Rights (TDR) in the Act.

“TDR is a planning tool that wouldfacilitate acquiring private land for public purpose like road widening or any other land required for public purpose without cost to public exchequer, with the land owner being compensated by FAR in the same plot, or other plot owned by the owner, or the owner would be able to trade the FAR in the market either in part or whole,” the minister said.

Both AR and TDR are the planning tools that are already in use in states like Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnatakaand others.

Explaining TDR for Posterity, the minister said it was derived from the concept that every property, including a agricultural land,has a development right/construction right.

“….for instance, farm houses are permitted in agricultural landlike orchards,” the minister said.

Sardesai said many landlords/owners are disillusioned by seeing that their land is getting classified /zoned as the agricultural land.

He said the landlords get deprived of developing this land for non-agricultural use, merely because of zoning in the Regional Plan or Outline Development Plan (land use plans).

“In order to motivate and incentivise the land owners to maintain their land green for posterity, they also need tobegiven incentives in the form of TDR,” Sardesai said.

Sardesai hoped that the three planning tools would ensure planned development in such a way that it goes in sync with preservation of the scenic beauty and cultural heritage of Goa andmaintain he environmental and ecological balance of sensitive areas.

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