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Teachers’ lessons could poison India-Canada relationships: Indian Consulate to Canadian government

It appears that some GTA teachers in Canada are painting a biased picture of the farmers’ protest in India. Taking cognizance of its impact on students in Canada, the Indian consulate has decided to raise the concern with the Canadian government.

The Indian consulate in Toronto is trying to stop GTA teachers from giving lessons about the ongoing protests by predominately Sikh farmers in India, claiming the material poses a security threat and could “poison” relations between India and Canada.

CBC has reported that in a strongly worded letter dated March 11, the Consulate General of India, which represents the Indian government, claimed what elementary and high school students in Peel, Toronto, and York region are learning about the protests could disrupt peaceful relations between Indian communities in Ontario.

The consulate urged Ontario’s Office of International Relations and Protocol to “alert the Canadian authorities … to investigate” what’s being taught and “to sensitize” the school boards so they “immediately remove such hateful and factually incorrect material.”

“The Consulate General would further like to state that it considers this incident to be extremely serious and views it as a conspiracy to sabotage the goodwill and warm friendly relations between India and Canada by inimical entities to further their own nefarious agenda,” the letter says.



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