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Ten Additional Judges of Allahabad High Court made permanent

The Central government, on Tuesday, notified elevation of ten additional judges of Allahabad High Court as permanent judges of that court.

The following are the judges who have been made permanent judges.

  1. Justice Ali Zamin
  2. Justice Vipin Chandra Dixit
  3. Justice Shekhar Kumar Yadav
  4. Justice Ravi Nath Tilhari
  5. Justice Deepak Verma
  6. Justice Gautam Chaudhary
  7. Justice Shamim Ahmed
  8. Justice Dinesh Pathak
  9. Justice Manish Kumar
  10. Justice Samit Gopal

This comes pursuant to the recommendation made by the Supreme Court Collegium on March 5 to make the above judges permanent.


Via Bar & Bench
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