Tennis kid from Kerala appreciated for her skills by Tennis legend Rafael Nadal

Thiruvananthapuram: Five-year old Indian girl, Viviktha Visakh who hails from Trivandrum has been recognized by tennis legend, Rafael Nadal and Kia Motors Global for her Tennis skill and talent via Twitter and Instagram.

This is a very rare distinction India is getting at International level for Tennis talent. Viviktha is the only Indian girl to have got this recognition so far.

Vivi’s Tennis practice video from May 28 has got the attention of Nadal and Kia team during their talent hunt. Kia Motors worldwide has posted the video of Viviktha doing deft volley skills. In a personalized video, Nadal has recognized Viviktha for her incredible skills at such a small age and commented for not letting lockdown stop her from perfecting her skills.

The post has been viewed and liked by more than Thousands of people. Nadal and Kia are also sending signed merchandise and a special gift for Viviktha. Nadal concludes the video saying ‘see you soon’. So Viviktha is very excited at the possibility of meeting her favourite player once the pandemic is over.

Viviktha’s parents couldn’t think of bigger reward than Rafa appreciating personally. He said, this certainly will be a huge motivation for all of us at family and especially Viviktha for whatever she goes on to do with her life in future.

He says, there is no scarcity of Tennis talent in our nation and it’s all about identifying and nurturing at a very young age. In Kerala, there is Trivandrum Tennis Club which has great facilities for kids to practice Tennis. “It’s all about everyone making the best use of such facilities. We also appreciate Nadal and Kia team for making this possible. This unbelievable appreciation and recognition for talents can only make kids believe in themselves and work hard.”

In the video Nadal can be seen saying the following “Hello Viviktha, how are you? I love seeing how dedicated you are to your tennis. You have some very good skills and you are only 5 years old. So Kia and I want to give you a gift to motivate you to keep working hard. I hope you enjoy the prize. Stay safe and see you soon.”

Vivi started holding small rackets as young as 1 year old and started going to Tennis court with her father from the age of 2 years. Her practice is never serious but done with pure fun and entertainment. Vivi’s father is an ATP certified coach and is the one who trains Vivi at this point of time. “Vivi likes the game very much now and wants to play Tennis professionally which is a highly demanding and very expensive that needs adequate sponsorship and support to sustain in the long run”, her father said. He hoped that Vivi will be able to make it at the international level like Nadal who got Kia sponsorship at a very young age.

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