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Terror Warning to Sabotage Tourism: Ravi Naik

Home Minister Ravi Naik termed the termed the terror threat information from intelligence sources to be a mere means to mar the tourism season in Goa and pointed out that every year such reports appear in the media just around the time the tourism season starts in the State.
While admitting that there are certain inputs from intelligence source which cannot be made public, he however wondered why such reports about terror threats do not find their way in the media during the off tourism season or regularly in the year instead of appearing only at the onset of the season.

While shying from naming any person or group to be behind these inputs to the media, Ravi however asserted that it was a planned campaign to mar Goa’s tourism business.
He however, assured that the State administration was not taking any chances and it was on high alert with all vital installations under constant surveillance besides monitoring the activity in the coastal region through the Indian Coast Guard.


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