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Thai PM agrees to amend Constitution to ease political tension

Bangkok: Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said he agreed to charter amendment as the Thai Parliament’s two-day special debate on the political crisis wrapped up on Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters after the end of the parliament session, Prayut said he is okay with amending the Thai Constitution; however the Parliament must follow the current Constitution until a new Constitution is established.

Prayut also said that he is okay with ending the Senate’s power to vote for the prime minister in a bid to ease political tension.

Prayut was voted to become the 29th prime minister in June of 2019 by members of the House and Senate, including 250 senators handpicked by the National Council for Peace and Order led by Prayut, a stipulation of the 2017 Constitution that many anti-government protestors deemed as interference in the democratic process.

“I am okay with ending the Senate’s power to vote for the prime minister, but this issue will need to be deliberated in the Parliament,” said Prayut.

The end of the two-day parliament debate also led to a conclusion that a reconciliation committee should be established to find ways to ease the current political tension.

Prayut told reporters that the reconciliation committee will be appointed by the House and will include representatives of different parties, the Senate, members of Parliament and pro-democracy activists.

Protestors have been demanding the prime minister’s resignation and amendments to the Constitutional charter.

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