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Thai Victims Nail Spa Owner!


The ten victims from Thailand who were allegedly rescued from the massage parlors during police raid in Panjim and Margao on Lilavadi Spa and Lanna Spa confessed to the police investigating the international human-trafficking issue that they were asked by the owner of the parlors to perform the extra-services of a sexual nature for the clients to get better payments, revealed highly placed sources investigating the case.

A representative of the Consulate of Thailand had visited Goa and spoke with authorities, and according to sources present at the meeting, has learnt that the consulate has given the authorities an undertaking to present the girls during the trials of the case, on the basis of which the girls are expected to be deported.

Elton Furtado – the owner of the massage parlors continue to be in police custody as his bail has been rejected by the Lower Court.


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