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Thank you Mr and Mrs Arlekar

Life is a journey in which the Almighty brings you in touch with many interesting individuals that touch your life.

To me the family of Mr Rajendra Arlekar – former Speaker of the Goa Legislative Assembly is that one beautiful unexpected touch of providence in the life of my family that appeared at a time when my family was going through immense stress due to the ridicule, threat and ostracisation we faced for my strong nationalistic views and disagreement with the views of the Catholic Archbishop of Delhi and Goa.

I am known in the political circles in Goa and Delhi. Some respect me, some do not care. Either way, I always reciprocate my sentiments and affections in the manner I am respected by others or if I respect them.

I have known Mr Arlekar in Goa for the last eight years as a politician, but we would have probably interacted for a period of 10 minutes in all of those eight years, as the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of GoaChronicle.com for a quote or a view on an issue.

Some friends and distance relatives were shying from being associated with us. Some wanted to hide their faces for being a part of their distant family and even migrate. I laughed at all of them and kept their ridicule at the back of my mind.

So when I received a call from him and later from Mrs Arlekar telling me that I have made them proud because of my stand as a Goan and an Indian; and that I had nothing to fear and if my family were feeling unsafe they could come and stay at their home. I and my family was touched by the care and kindness exhibited by the Arlekar family from out of the blue, from a family we least expected, because we did not know them personally.

I can narrate a reaction of an MLA in the current Goa government, who I know personally, we had lunches and dinners together; he has even come home for my birthday. He sends a message to me from a common friend that he supports me for my brave stand but he does not want to be seen with me personally because it would upset his Christian voters in the state. And I thought myself, here I am touting for and sincerely believing that this political leader had the courage to lead Goa someday but if he could not stand for my nationalistic stand because it affected his voters, then he is a man of a fickle nature.

I think political leaders like Arlekar have character and a spine to stand up for the truth and to stand up for the people of Goa and India.

I think the people of Goa and India need such leaders like Mr Arlekar, who go beyond politics and see people as humans; and extend a hand of human kindness.

I decided to write this open thank you note because I wanted to show the people of India and the world, that at the end of the day some politicians are like normal, caring people.

Take a bow Mr and Mrs Arlekar. You have a found a lifelong friend and family in me.

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com

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