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  • is a portal to assist aspiring students looking for admissions in foreign universities, clear their confusions


Thousands of students in South Asia (and India particularly) are opting for foreign universities to give a jump start to their career. Nowadays, several Indian parents are sending their wards to pursue higher studies from recognized foreign universities and colleges. However, the biggest problem an Indian student faces is to figure out which college would shape up his/her career.


Pankaj Sharma, Co-founder of TFTH


For this, a student spends hours online to gather information about the quality of faculty, accommodation, job opportunities, cost of living, etc. in that nation. But they don’t know whom to talk to and clear doubts because all the information available on the Internet couldn’t be authentic. Finally, there is a portal, which will assist aspiring students just like a friend and minimize the risk of getting cheated. (TFTH) is a portal that answers a visitor’s inquiries and make the admission process smoother and hassle-free. Thousands of students from India opt for Australia as a dream destination to pursue higher studies but face a lot of problems initially as they have no one to reach out to and clear their doubts. TFTH aims to be a one-stop help platform for college students across the globe. While at one end, it connects aspiring students with existing ones (in universities) for any query resolution, on the other end, it provides study help services.


In its current form, TFTH is only 10% of what we have envisioned it to be. We are excited at the possibility of disrupting the entire value chain (for college students). At present, we get 300-plus queries on a daily basis and we have serviced more than 1200 paid orders (tuition and assignments),” says Pankaj Sharma, Co-founder, TFTH


The best thing about TFTH is that it possesses a big pool of students already enrolled in these Australian universities and colleges to clear the doubts of aspiring students and it doesn’t charge them. The queries get replied in real time i.e. within four to five hours of posting the queries. The visitors are answered by verified profiles of the students who are already studying there. 


Getting an idea about the cost of living in a foreign country is one of the most common questions asked by students as well as their parents. TFTH ensures that a student gets a clear idea about his/her expenditure. TFTH has gathered all expenses from students just like you so that it gives real picture of monthly expenses. To check monthly expense in any city of Australia, visit Cost of Living Calculator.


The portal also helps students get tuition and helps complete their assignments. All they need is to reach out to TFTH on the website and it will connect them with a big pool of tutors to help them clear their doubts. These tutors/guides are the highly qualified faculty members from various colleges/universities or industry experts and possess good experience in the field of teaching. 


About TFTH

TFTH is founded by Ankit Garg and Pankaj Sharma. Ankit Garg is a serial entrepreneur having built and sold a couple of online businesses. He is an MDI alum. Pankaj Sharma brings with him a decade-long rich experience of setting up large processes and process excellence.


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