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The Anti-India propaganda

It is rightly said that the truth always finds its way out. Something similar and massive happened on Wednesday. The political intrigues, about which every nationalistic Indian was apprehensive, came out in the public domain, exposing the sinister ‘break India’ plot. This conspiracy is larger than we reckoned it to be and the enemies within are in connivance with India’s international nemesis.

On Wednesday evening, Greta Thunberg, to sensitize netizens about how they could lend their support to the ongoing farmers’ protest in India, attached a ‘toolkit’ with her tweet at 5.19 PM IST to be precise. But unfortunately for her, the toolkit let the cat out of the bag and a global conspiracy against India and its testimony came to the fore and is currently under deep scrutiny of Indian citizens and police personnel.

The ‘toolkit’ or better to be called a ‘propaganda kit’ reveals the obvious yet startling fact that the surge of support for the farmers’ protests by foreign personalities like Rihanna, Mia Khalifa, Greta Thunberg, Jagmeet Singh, Lilly Singh and others is not organic in nature and was a well-planned strategy to attack India’s government and subvert its democracy. Although Greta deleted her tweet after she realized that she had been caught red handed by the Republic Media Network when the media house called out the conspiracy through a tweet at 8.04 PM IST. She deleted the tweet at around 9.27 PM IST after looking at Republic’s tweet! But the anti- India cabal’s conspiracies were exposed and deleting the tweet proved to be of no good.

The document or the ‘toolkit’ is a smoking gun towards the fact that the sudden support of the personalities mentioned above was a part of a well- orchestrated plan to incite violence and cause anarchy in India and the strategy has been worked upon since earlier than the Republic day of India.

The document categorically mentions steps like bringing about a ‘twitter storm’ in support of the protests on 4th and 5th February 2021, between 11 AM to 2.00 PM UTC. An email ID was made exclusively to receive photo/ video messages expressing the individuals’ solidarity with the farmers at the Delhi borders. Individuals were being urged to write to the organizers at the same email ID in case they would have liked to have a session organized to understand the local context with environmental experts and activists in India. People were asked to call/email any of their government representatives and ask them to act, sign online petitions and take action to divest from monopolists like Adani- Ambani. This highlighted the corporate conspiracy against Indian firms. All these pointers were mentioned as ‘urgent actions’!

Similarly, ‘prior actions’ like sharing solidarity video/ photo messages by email, preferably by 25th January; organizing a digital strike on or before 26th January, using the hashtag #AskIndiaWhy; organizing a tweet storm on 23rd and 26th January while tagging Indian leaders; taking physical actions near Indian embassies, government offices, media houses or even Adani- Ambani offices globally on 26th January; watching out for or joining the farmers’ parade into Delhi and back to the borders on the Republic Day, were all mentioned in the document.

On the other hand, the Ministry of External Affairs had issued a statement urging everyone to study the facts before issuing any statements. Several Indian celebrities and leaders like Amit Shah, Smriti Irani, Sachin Tendulkar, Lata Mangeshkar and others came out and showed their support for the government against the international conspiracy against India.

After botching up the modus operandi of the conspiracy she is a part of, Thunberg played the ‘victim card’ quite well on Thursday. Taking to twitter, she reiterated her support for the ‘farmers’ and claimed that despite all the hate, threats and violations of human rights, she will not stop supporting the farmers and their cause and crying foul, she called the farmers’ protests ‘peaceful’!

Once the child- activist’s blunder opened the Pandora’s Box, a massive crackdown against these anti- India elements began. The Delhi police, taking swift action against the conspirators filed an FIR against Thunberg on Thursday for creating enmity between groups and inciting acts that are prejudicial to maintaining harmony.

Another complaint was lodged by the Delhi Police against one Nikita Jacob, who is a Bombay High Court lawyer and an Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader. Legal Rights Observatory filed the complaint with Delhi Police and sought an FIR against Jacob under sedition charges for conspiring anti- India campaigns. This lawyer’s role was exposed because of the same accidentally leaked documents. While the documents were checked, it came to light that Jacob was allegedly involved in editing those documents much before the ‘toolkit’ went viral and started doing rounds across different social media platforms. After she was exposed, Nikita deleted her twitter account, most probably hoping that she will not be caught. Another fact came to the fore which tells that Nikita runs a propaganda account on Instagram as well, by the name ‘News Infuse’. Both her personal account and this propaganda account have now been turned into private IDs.

On a lighter note, owing to Thunberg’s blunder, netizens on twitter enjoyed a meme fest of sorts, wherein hashtags like #GretaGoToSchool was trending and people labelled her as ‘Lady Pappu’ because of the obvious fact that the Congress is in cahoots with these anti- India forces purely because of political vendetta. The party has been fuelling violence and backing anarchists since day 1.

At the end of it all, it has been proven that the evil plot to bring about tremors in the political and social domain of India is far more perilous than what we opined it to be. Every action from a single tweet by different personalities to physical protests and unleashing riots was an orchestrated strategy against India and its people. But come what may, nationalistic Indians will stand together and continue to bust the cabal’s lies and vicious plots against our motherland to protect her from all evil.

Sonakshi Datta

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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