The Artist and The Seeker!


We are all seekers of the truth. Sometimes it is the truth that is most difficult to define, comprehend or even understand. Instead of seekers we have become seekers of the illusion to life. I met one such intriguing woman – an artist and a spiritual seeker. Nothing prepared me for an interview with her. I was told that she is having an art performance in the city. But Sohela Dabiri is more than an artist, she is seeker of a higher consciousness which manifests itself through her art and artistic performances. Her body intrinsically adorned with tattoos, her aura exuded comfort with her being. No pretense here.

Having had her parental roots in Iran but grown in Germany – a world quite different to her nature; which is independent, care-free and like a bird, to be able to fly at will and experience the beauty of all works of creations; she decided to chart her own destiny and traveled to different parts of the world. When she come to India but more particularly Goa, she felt in love with what she termed as a paradise of greenery and scenic beauty. “I remember this one time during the monsoon, I was riding a bike, when the wheels of a passing truck splashed water all over me. But I felt alive. This is life, to be able to live in and with nature,” she emphatically expressed with a twinkle in her eye, reminiscing the past. Or another story of her experience of using a latrine with pigs to assist in the waste disposal, “Goa makes me feel alive,” she said.

Her travels in India also took her to Kashmir, where she spent a considerable time with her little daughter on the house-boats on the lake. She narrated a humorous yet soul searching experience for her of how she had to wash the nappies of her little daughter by her hands, since diapers were not available. Her experience of washing and then driving it under a fire, at one point of time kept her questioning her intent to live life as a free bird, since in Germany she had all the automation to take care of her jobs like a washing machine. But she continued to pursue her search for life’s experiences.

Her performance which is being held this week in Goa; besides it statement ‘The Resurrection’ has a deeper meaning and message to its audience, with a promise of a personal experience to people to come to watch her artistic performance. “We are also so busy with the materialistic chases in life. And we don’t find time to look at the person that should matter most to us; that person is ‘You, Yourself’. We often fail to understand our self and because of which we fail to understand others. Its like we are on a wheel going round and round, without once stopping to smell the essence of life. My artistic performance will encourage us to think beyond the race and stop,” she explained.

“We are at the end of the day interconnected with one and another, like cells of a body; similarly each life form is connected to a higher consciousness. We need to find our roots and we need to seek our connections with everyone in this universe; because at the end of the day we are all seeking to find the light,” she said convincingly not wanting to sound as a preacher or promoter of any religious thought, but some who believes that life is beyond any religion, it is a continuous process of living for the moment.


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