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The ‘Baboon’ Team!

I am sure not many of my friends in  Congress High Command would like this particular editorial of mine. Those at the local unit too might feel flushed by my words of truth. However, I cannot but notice a striking similarities between the functioning of the Congress and a group of ‘Baboons’ especially in the Congress Unit in Goa. Coincidentally, Congress according to the Oxford Dictionary also means a group of ‘Baboons’. Baboons as many would know is a particular breed of the monkey clan.

Firstly, its this party brain-washing theory that every Gandhi from the Nehru lineage has the birth right to the Prime Ministerial throne. If it is not a Gandhi, then it would be their puppet with the strings pulled by the Gandhi family. A classic example is that of India’s finest economist Dr Manmohan Singh who had all the qualities of a Prime Minister that could take India forward. Nine-years of India under his regime we have witnessed unparalleled corruption and more importantly failure of India on the economic front. The recent depreciation of the rupee against dollar is another stark realty. So what went wrong with the man who opened the Indian markets with his liberalization policies.

Look at Pranab Mukherjee who lost out on the Prime Minister’s position before, he was pushed out of the way to clear the road for Rahul Gandhi. P Chindambaram who too harbors aspirations to become the Prime Minister might also have to, at some point of time be satisfied with becoming a President. Even someone like AK Anthony will be sidelined to make way for a member of the Gandhi family.

Today Congress is positioning Rahul Gandhi as the leader of India. And at most times I am surprised that out of so many good leaders in the Congress such as Sachin Pilot, Jyotiaditya Scindia and many more younger leaders who come across as leaders with a vision. Congress still dances around the Gandhi family. News at the High Command is that if it is not Rahul Gandhi then it might be Priyanka Gandhi who will be made the new face of Indian politics.

Pushing the agendas of the Congress are second-rung leaders who in their personal confines abuse the Gandhi family but in the open are quite content to play second fiddle so that they continue to fleece the tax-payers of their hard-earned money while the Gandhi-leadership allows them to plunder without taking any action only temporarily removing or suspending them from their posts.
A typical monkey syndrome, I scratch your back, you scratch mine.

Let’s take the Congress in Goa. While the BJP would like to take credit for the Congress-loss. BJP needs to thank the Congress leaders such as Vishwajit Rane, Churchill Alemao, Mauvin Godinho, Digambar Kamat, Atanasio (Babush) Monseratte and of course the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) President Subash Shirodkar for their actions aimed at running Congress to the ground. It is no surprise now that it is these same leaders who are pussy-footing with the Parrikar-led government out of fear of impending cases of corruption against them. You cannot also forget the contribution of AICC leaders to the destruction of the Congress in Goa whether its was Jagmeet Singh Brar, Sudhakar Reddy or Congress’s favorite point-man Oscar Fernandes. So much was their greed that even in their personal report during the AK Anthony commission to find-out about the Congress debacle, the entire blame was put on the Congress state leaders.

Subash Shirodkar had resigned at the GPCC president last April itself. Till today the Congress High Command cannot decide on a leader. Their official party spokesperson appear to be more focussed on a particular community from which Shirodkar comes from and favors. And the only person attacking the Parrikar-led government is a former unofficial soldier of the BJP ‘anti-corruption’ fight, Sudip Tamankar. Tamankar’s entire game-plan is to attack the Dhavlikar siblings of MGP, currently in the ruling alliance. Some senior Congress leaders want Tamankar to be removed as he continues to make an ass of the Congress leaders more, followed by himself and then the BJP government. Tamankar is pushed forward by some new generation Congress leaders to attack other Congress leaders especially Kamat, Rane, Faleiro and Sardinha.
Yet another monkey syndrome, if I can’t eat the bananas, neither can you.

Congress in Goa even on their issues cannot agree on a stand. CLP  spokesperson Alexio Reginald Lourenco speaks against Mopa and Casinos. CLP
Leader Pratapsingh Rane bats for Mopa and Casinos. Add to this Rajya Sabha MP Shantaram Naik who says ‘Dabolim and Mopa’ can co-exist, even South Goa Lok Sabha MP Francisco Sardinha first took that stand, but changed when the Anti-Mopa agitation from the South put him on back-foot.

Today the Congress High Command cannot decide on a party chief for Goa, because of this fractured thought process in the Goa unit. If Reginald is made GPCC Chief, Sardinha will be upset. If Sardinha is made the GPCC Chief, Reginald had openly stated in a party meeting that he would leave the Congress. High Command wants a Catholic, but the Samaj which consists of most of the Hindu voter-base want their person either Ravi Naik or Shantaram Naik.

On the Mahila Congress leader front for lack of options, Pratima Coutinho who has not shined as much as was projected as the President of the Goa Youth Congress will be in the running and her bete-noir Valanka Alemao too will be making a bee-line for the same position. Also in the news will be Churchill Alemao’s son Savio Alemao setting his eyes on the Goa Youth Congress president post, after all the Churchill-side of the Alemao family would not want to be behind Joaquim’s side whose son Yuri Alemao has become the Youth President of NCP.

To add to the monkey business of the Congress, Digvijay Singh has been brought in a Desk-in-Charge of Goa. While I am not sure about how effective he would be, he will most certainly provide the entertainment with his wit, which is so lacking in the Congress in Goa at the moment.

Luizinho Faleiro and Girish Chodankar being appointed to AICC as General Secretary and Secretary certainly brought cheers of joy to their well-wishers and haters who wanted them out of Goa politics. While Luizinho has proved his mettle, Chodankar on the other-hand is being seen as a man, who is good pampering the egos of those in Delhi, since he has not proved his stint as leader in Goa, other than a brief period as Youth President. So much was the fan-fare was Chodankar’s elevation that Sankalp Amonkar and other Congress wannabes were at the airport with big-garlands as though he has been appointed as a Union Minister, this is what a senior Congress leader had to say about Chodankar. Sardinha on the other-hand had to once again return dejected without a Union Ministerial berth.

It is still stuck in my head the meaning of Congress and its relation to a group of Baboons. All this monkey-business is nothing but a clear example of the ‘Baboon’ nature of the Congress leaders.

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