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The bizarre religious American cults

On July 4th, it was final that Allison Mack- an actress from Hollywood would spend 3 years in prison. The reason was her involvement in the NXVIM sex cult that was behind human trafficking, child abuse, mental harassment of people, etc. The actual founder of this ‘group’ Keith Raniere was sentenced to 120 years imprisonment last year.

 NXVIM started off as a life enhancing company. It talked about issues that have some or the other effect on every life in today’s world. This ranged from the ‘pursuit of happiness in life’ to ‘personality development’ to even ‘feminism’ where they claimed to be emotional support and a “family” to the women deprived of the same. Basically, the cult claimed to change lives and indeed it did the same by exposing even minor girls of 13-14 years to sexual abuse and mental trauma. Worse is the part that many Hollywood celebrities who on other occasions self-portray as messiahs of humanity were connected with this club. Investigation is still on and it is being said that the arrest of Allison Mack is just the tip of the ice-berg and even bigger names can come up.

NXIVM Sex Cult (Pic Credit- lamag.com)

This obsession of Hollywood celebrities for such social and religious cults isn’t new. Tom Cruise, one of the most famous actors, was earlier accused by his wife for his involvement in ‘Scientology’ named religious cult. This cult, started by L. Ron Hubbard- the fiction writer, is infamous for draining people off their financial savings and its take on mental health, human to human connection etc. Scientologists even demanded a church for themselves.

Pic Credit- history.com


Some other cults that faced charges of mental and physical abuse along with some members facing murder trials include the ‘School of Prophets’, ‘Love has Won’, ‘Heaven’s Gate’, etc. All these have commonalities like declaring their ideals to be supreme, intimidating voices that rise against them and self-portraying as a ‘newfound’ religion.

Such groups exist in India too. This includes the group led by Swami Nithyananda, the one that was led by Dr. Sebastian Martin, the Chinese Christian cults ‘The Church of Almighty God’ spreading in the North-east, the Tablighi Jamaat- that was in the news last year for breaking the COVID protocols and visa norms in their gatherings, etc.

Stories about parents torturing their kids, teachers raping their students after being influenced by their cult beliefs and practices have been coming up for quite long from developed nations like the US. It is time these countries stop putting issues like these under the blanket, taking a fake morally high ground for human rights. After-all torturing people by taking advantage of their trust is the worst form of cruelty humanity could face.

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