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The Coronavirus is China’s Weapon of Mass Destruction!

This is a war. A biological war to be more precise.

We are fighting an enemy’s weapon we cannot see and an enemy’s weapon we have not yet fully understood even though we know who the enemy is – China.

I convinced beyond reasonable doubts after studying all available data and facts that Wuhan Institute of Virology is responsible for this strain of the novel coronavirus.

It is depressing that some people in China led by its President Xi Jinping found the emptiness in their soul to unleash this virus on the world. Sometimes it escapes my rational mind and my inept belief that there is good in every human that evil is a reality.

The act of China in unleashing this virus on the world is a clear indication that in their evil ambition for global dominion, people are mere pawns to be used towards an end goal and that human lives are inconsequential.

Nothing is more important than human life. Especially if that life is someone you love.

As humans we are programmed to see and believe what we are told. We do not see the bigger game being played.

China is routing for world dominion. It needs to dethrone United States from that seat of power. Russia will not come in China’s way. It will allow China to play its game because a weakened US is better for Russia.

It is no surprise that the nation most hit is US. The next will be India. India so far has contained the spread. It will need to do more strategically.

It is also no surprise that over the last ten-years China has be slowly manoeuvring its power hold in the United Nations (UN) and in the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Such is the hold of China on WHO and its Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus that right from the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in China and its rapid spread across the world, WHO has not raised questions about the origins of the virus in China; in fact it chose to praise the transparency of China and defend it when nations imposed a travel ban to and from China.

Nations other than the US are not bold enough to take on China. While some have been raising question marks on China’s role in the coronavirus pandemic and demanding an investigation; no one is cohesively coming together to demand answers. It is as though the Chinese cat caught their tongue.

India too will remain quiet on the role of China and WHO because an Indian will now sit on the WHO chairperson seat from May 18, 2020 onwards after Japan vacates its chair for a period of a year. That person will have work with Dr Tedros during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Think about what I am saying. Over 2.9 million positive cases in the world and over 2,00,000 deaths and no one has demanded forcefully the resignation of Dr Tedros or demanded an explanation from China.

China refuses to be investigated. It will not allow an independent investigation team to set foot on its soil. The world leaders just remain mute spectators.

China is defiant and will continue to remain defiant. A nation that can put its own people under the strain of the virus is a nation determined to seize global power.

The novel Coronavirus is China’s weapon of mass destruction.

We are now seeing its destruction in the sphere of health. Deaths will not cease and the spread of the coronavirus will not stop. It can only stop with a vaccine. The world will have to live with this hard fact.

That vaccine I firmly believe will first come from China. China has already claimed that it would take six months to have a vaccine as they have already commenced trails.

The world will soon be seeing an economic destruction due to the coronavirus. That will be even more devastating and that will be even more far-reaching.

Nations will have to device strategies keeping in mind that the coronavirus is here to stay until such time as there is a vaccine to cure COVID-19 patients.

Nations under lockdown will have to open up. People will need to get back to economic activity to survive. Otherwise they will start suffering from mental depression and lockdown blues. A clear indication is the rise of domestic violence during the time of coronavirus lockdown globally.

Nations will witness tremendous job cuts and business losses. People will have to brace up for the worst and plan strategies keep that in mind.

China will come as the saviour in this time of the world’s greatest crisis. It will gain confidence of many nations. China will dominate US. US will remain a nation with a President barking about what it could do to China but actually do nothing.

If an American died, it is known fact that the American government would ensure that the American’s death is avenged. US has over 50,000 deaths and it has only cut the funding of WHO which is will substituted by China. It is though the spirit of vengeance is taking a walk around the White-House.

US will be able to do nothing to China. China is deep-rooted and linked to the economies of many nations including India.

China’s writ will prevail unless people around the world rise up against China and force their respective nations to act. But this is a far cry because right now saving one’s lives and one’s family will be the priority. Live today and fight another day will be the mantra.

This is a war. This is China’s weapon of mass destruction. This is bio-terror unleashed on the world.


  1. Very true Savio. This is a biological weapon unleashed by China on to the world. All the nations should unitedly stand up against the monstrous China and defeat them in their evil designs.

  2. Yes its a mass destruction weapon improvised by china under Xi Jin Ping.It has produced the Covid19 Virus by mixing Sars and Mers virus.It has also invented its vaccine.In last 3 months it has used vaccine allover china and stopped the virus in China.Now there is no death or infection news from China.The spread of Virus came from China who repatriated the virus through tourists and working class. World country should form a unified council and remove China from all organization and institution and ostracize the county.Also no country should have any relation ship with china.All imports and exports be stopped.China will obey world if all are united and fight like WW2.

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