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The curious case of Mamata getting ‘Attacked’

What came as a shocker on Wednesday in the poll- bound state of West Bengal was that the CM, Mamata Banerjee was allegedly attacked by 4-5 men while in Nandigram.

After filing her nomination from Nandigram, Mamata Banerjee suddenly left her on- ground campaign on Wednesday. According to her version of the story, she was attacked by 4-5 people while her campaign was going on. Intriguingly, she also claimed that no security official was present when that happened.

Soon after the information about the alleged attack started doing the rounds, the BJP and Congress labeled it as ‘drama’ and said that this is a political gimmick played by the TMC supremo to gain votes and win the upcoming state elections.

According to Mamata, the attackers had pushed her inside the car and slammed the door of the car causing severe injuries to her leg. She and her party members claim that it was part of a ‘planned conspiracy’. As an aftermath of this ‘attack’ the West Bengal CM was taken to the SSKM hospital in Kolkata. A question which arises here is why did she not reach the Nandigram Super Specialty Hospital rather than going all the way to Kolkata?

Nevertheless, as Mamata was admitted to the SSKM hospital, two persons who claimed to be eye- witnesses to the matter dismissed Mamata’s claims. According to a report by ANI, one Chitranjan Das said that the CM was not pushed but that her car door was closed after being pushed by a pillar. Similarly, another eyewitness Suman Maity claimed that she was injured after the public gathered around her.

Another report by TV9 Bharatvarsh refuted Mamata’s claims as well. It quoted several eye-witness accounts to corroborate the information. Describing the incident, the locals called it an ‘accident’ and not an ‘attack’ as is being alleged by Banerjee. They said that Mamata was greeting the crowd with folded hands from her car while the door was open, and the car was in motion. At Birulia Bazaar, the open door of the moving car hit a pillar, causing the door to shut forcefully. The door hit Mamata’s leg causing severe injury.

(Source:TV9 Bharatvarsh report)

The eyewitnesses also stated that the pillar was around 3 feet tall and therefore the driver couldn’t see it. Also, the CM’s convoy had several police vehicles; the security personnel had also brought ice from a nearby sweet shop and applied it on Mamata’s leg. They informed that the convoy stopped for a mere 5 minutes and then moved forward.

Soon after the alleged attack, the Centre had offered Z+ security to the West Bengal CM with security cover of a CRPF elite group. As per sources, the Home Secretary had spoken to Mamata offering high- grade security to her.

Meanwhile, Banerjee remained hospitalized after suffering severe bone injuries in her left ankle, foot and right shoulder as detected by preliminary medical tests conducted on her on Wednesday night. The CM’s nephew reached SSKM hospital soon after his aunt was admitted there and at 2.45 AM on Thursday, he tweeted tagging BJP, “Brace yourselves to see the power of the people of BENGAL on Sunday, May 2nd. Get READY!!!”

In the afternoon on Thursday, Mamata issued her first statement from the SSKM hospital. In her video she said, “I have injuries on my chest, ankle, shoulder and neck. I appeal to everyone to not do anything due to which people will have to suffer. The doctors are taking care and I will be able to return to work within 2-3 days as I don’t want to spoil my scheduled meeting. Even if I will have to move around in a wheelchair, I will not let my meeting hampered with this.”  Bemusing is the fact that Mamata changed her narrative in this video.

While on Wednesday she claimed that 4-5 men pushed her inside the car, in the video message she can be seen articulating that she was sitting on the bonnet of the car, greeting the people with folded hands. She stated, “When I was doing namaskar towards the crowd from the top of the bonnet, suddenly I felt a huge pressure, and my legs were crushed by the car.”

To assess the nature of the incident, the EC (Election Commission) on Thursday sought a report from the West Bengal Chief Secretary by March 12 over the alleged attack. Interestingly, on the other hand, Partha Chatterjee, TMC Health Minister held the EC responsible for the lapse in security rather than the West Bengal police!

On the other hand, the local police’s preliminary investigation has also found that the incident was not an attack but most probably an accident.

While the TMC leaders claim that the injuries on Mamata’s person ensued after an attack, the eyewitnesses’ accounts say something completely opposite. Even the police report says that she met with an accident. While the TMC leaders continue to cry foul, Mamata herself changed her statement describing the incident! It is also difficult to believe that the CM of a state can be attacked by 4-5 men and security personnel could not catch even one of them, let alone the security personnel not being present around her. Also, while we have eyewitnesses claiming the incident to be an accident, not a single video clip or eyewitness account has emerged which can vindicate Mamata’s allegations.

It will be interesting to see this mystery unravel at the earliest, even if it was genuinely an attack, fingers will definitely be raised against the law and order in the state of West Bengal under Banerjee!

Sonakshi Datta

Intern, Goa Chronicle

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