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The farmer has got the right to his produce”: PM Narendra Modi

Mr Modi said today, while every countryman is working tirelessly to make the country self-reliant, it has done a very historic job to give the rights to the poor, Dalits, the underprivileged, youth, women, farmers, tribals and labourers.

”The farmers were kept entangled in such laws, due to which they could not even sell their own produce according to their wish.

”As a result, despite the increase in yield, the income of the farmers did not increase that much.”
But, the debt on them definitely increased, he pointed out.

The NDA government led by the BJP has continuously worked to change this situation, he stated.

The Prime Minister said, ”First, the government fixed MSP to one and a half times the cost, and also ensured record government procurement. Our efforts have greatly helped the farmers of the country. Now decades later, the farmer has got the right to his produce.”

The small and marginal farmers will get the most benefit from the improvements made in agriculture laws, he pointed out.

He extended best wishes to the BJP workers across the country on the birth anniversary of Pt Upadhyay and expressed hope that all will move forward with full dedication on the path shown by him.

He said, ”We are very clear about our ideological system and political mantra.Nation is paramount for us. Nation First is our mantra, this is our karma”.

Earlier, Mr Nadda said, Deen Deendayal Upadhyay ji gave the country an alternative thought system through integral humanism.

He said, ”It is a matter of luck and great pride that the Prime Minister implemented the idea of ​​Integral Humanism and development of the last man in the queue ‘antyodaya’ during his tenure as Chief Minister and then as the Prime Minister.”

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