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The Fast Gimmick

A trend popularised by Anna Hazare is now being adopted by India’s two largest politically parties – Congress and BJP – to lament on the failure on non-functioning of Parliament. The truth however is that this ‘fast drama’ is a mere media gimmick by both political parties to fool the gullible people of our country.

While the Parliament session has been a complete wash-out and some controversial amendments manage to get through such as the amendment in Finance Bill 2018 which exempts political parties from disclosure of foreign funds since 1976; the fact remains that the Members of Parliament will continue to take home their salaries and the crores spent on the Parliament session would have gone down the drain.

BJP has done its tokenism by stating that its MPs will not take a salary for the days of Parliament wash-out. But a look at most MPs sudden rise in personal incomes across political parties will show you that foregoing of MPs salaries will not make a dent in their personal coffers.

The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi sitting on this fast is even more amusing as he represents the nation now and not only BJP. Would he need a fast to expose the enemies of democracy? Does he not have the people power to expose the enemies of democracy without a fast? I see the fast turning out to be a damp squib and BJP will fall flat on its face with this stunt.

Rahul Gandhi sitting on a fast is expected because as Opposition Congress will resort to these ridiculous acts to gain sympathy and instead of gaining any sympathy it will face ridicule; rightfully so, the fast turned out to be a damp squib and gained no brownie points for Congress.

Would sitting on a fast by Congress and BJP guarantee that the next session of Parliament will function smoothly? I seriously doubt it.

Coming from a Christian family, I was taught that an act of fast symbolised repentance and penance for our sins. It would be good if both Congress and BJP sat on a fast to repent for their sins of commission and omission in Parliament, wherein crores of tax-payers money have been wasted because of their political rivalry and the sacred functioning of the Parliament – the temple of democracy – has turned into a mockery.

The people of India are fed up of these fast nautanki, if it continues by political parties, it would not be long before people themselves will sit on a fast to protest against the fast of political parties.

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com

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