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The Fire at Bengal is fueled by Hindus’ Blood

We continue to pursue the Bengal story and bring out the reality which is being whitewashed and cloaked by the left-liberal media and their ‘fact checkers’. It has been 5 long days since the election result in West Bengal was declared but what has not stopped is the deadly massacre and exodus of the Hindus of Bengal.

On 6th May, a BJP karyakarta divulged to us the information about questionable incidents which happened on the day of counting, 2nd May. He began by saying, “When the counting began for the Magrahat constituency of South 24 Parganas, we found out that the very first EVM was haywire. We also noticed that some parts of the machine were loose. My own elder brother was present there. But nobody was doubtful. The next thing we noticed was that despite our polling day being 6th April, almost a month earlier than the result day, the EVMs were charged at 95-99% levels. How is that possible? Even then, no doubt cropped up in my mind. At the counting booths, only the counting agents and the candidate are allowed to use a phone. Right after two rounds of counting, their phones lost the network as if some jammers were at place. Till that point, we were leading and were joyous. From the third round onwards, we started trailing badly. All votes were going into TMC’s bag. Soon, TMC started leading. Undoubtedly, the machines were opened up earlier. I had then made a complaint to the Returning Officer, but he paid no heed to it. I had apprised the State leadership about this, but they didn’t do anything. I had also made an appeal to the High Court, I went to the Election Commission officers but nothing has been done. I have lost all hope and enthusiasm”.

“The karyakartas here are being driven away from their homes, they are being attacked and thrashed badly, and bombs are being hurled. Homes, trees, and plants are being set on fire. We can unequivocally state that if recounting happens, we will emerge victorious in many constituencies. What can now be done? People here are frightened even to talk. I am not lying, the machines were tampered with. The Hindus who had voted for us are crying their eyes out. The TMC workers had tried to entice people by distributing stuff like Biryani but nobody had given in. They had nobody to support them here. Without people to vote for them, they won by huge margins. Each one of us is frustrated and has lost all hope. Hindu families are bring brutally tortured, our Gods and Goddesses are being desecrated, their idols vandalized. They are destroying our gardens. They have looted gold from our homes. These TMC goons went into the poor people’s houses and cut open and threw rice and grains. We are being persecuted. The police personnel is hand in glove with them”, the BJP candidate continued.

He let us know, “I had a clothing shop. They have looted and vandalized it. They have taken away all the clothes. The TMC workers are criminals. Many of our obscure and reliable sources have told us that the EVMs were hacked. Prashant Kishor’s IPac has a role to play. He had warned saying “BJP ke khela dekhiye debo” (I will show BJP how a game is played). Recounting will blow the lid off this foul play. Our counting agents at the counting booth were thrashed and were chased out of the booth even when 3 rounds of voting remained. The State police didn’t even utter a word to save us. Please do something for us Bengali Hindus. Living here is difficult now. Our temples are being attacked and the idol was broken. Hindus are troubled.”

Next, we talked to another individual from North Bengal whose village was attacked by TMC goons, who had asked us not to reveal his location as well. He started, “The area I live in is near the Bangladesh border. Hindus are the minority here. Hindus own tea gardens here, which are adjacent to the border. I live in the market area which has the Central Forces deployed. But the people who live near the border have all fled their homes. They have escaped to nearby states like Bihar. The TMC goons vandalize their homes at night. People are spending sleepless nights and men gather to keep vigil. The situation is similar to that when the Hindus had to flee out of Bangladesh and move to India after being persecuted there. Everyone has fled. If these circumstances continue, Bengal will be merged into Bangladesh within 6 months or a year. We are helpless. No political leader is coming forward to help us. Tea leaves are being looted out of the Hindus’ tea gardens. And money is being extorted from them because they voted for the BJP. The TMC- BJP divide is just a pretext; Hindus are being targeted by Muslims because of their religion”.

“My 6-year-old daughter is suffering from a fever, but we do not know how to move out. If we do, we know we will be looted or tortured. Every Hindu is scared here. Imagine the life we are spending. The elections have undoubtedly been rigged or else BJP could have easily won 160-170 seats. The IPac team has a suspicious role to play. There has been a conspiracy at play. Hindus have been rendered homeless, they doubt if they would be able to return to their houses. Financial aid has been given to our CM from foreign countries like Saudi Arabia. This is a large-scale plan. We are compelled to leave this place. If all this continues, Hindus would be wiped out from Bengal. Illegal immigration continues. The MLA here is the ultimate authority. Hindus’ lives don’t matter at all. We are helpless and hopeless. Our lives have no value, nobody pays heed. Our message should be conveyed to the Central Ministry. Merely condemning what is happening is of no avail. There is a systematic Hindu genocide going on. This situation is fearful for all of us”, he revealed.

He then said, “The media here is not able to speak up because of the coercive action of the State Government. I am in panic as I speak. Our existence is in danger. The booth I had gone to cast my vote, did not have a single polling agent other than TMC’s. No flag was raised other than the ruling party’s. Many Hindus are also being turned into Christians by force. Bengal will soon become another Kashmir. It is not about political parties, Muslims are paving way for a Hindu genocide. A youth has been murdered at a village 4 KM away from here. He tried to protect his house from being vandalized. If no colossal step is taken, BJP would not be able to produce even 5 MPs from Bengal. Is human life more important or a political party? No local leader is protecting us. There is also a difference in ideology. South Bengal is home to the typical ‘bhodrolok’ Bengalis who do not espouse right-wing ideologies. And why were the grassroot workers were not given priority? and tickets were given out to corrupt leaders who joined BJP from TMC? BJP made tall claims but now, they have vanished in thin air.”

He further said, “They have left us to die now, where do we go? Sitting in Dharna inside AC rooms will not help or protect us. We had voted for them and now we are facing the consequences. I am shaking out of fear while I talk to you. Bengali mainstream media is compromised too.

Some right-wing channels are also compelled to hide now. Everyone’s life is in danger. And all the leaders say is, if they come here, their car will be attacked! Hindus here are being butchered. We cannot even express our opinions freely, we are suppressed. Hindu culture has been maligned. The elite ‘bhodrolok’ eat beef, mutton, and chicken during Durga and Kali pujas. Left ideology has destroyed our traditions and culture. Also, the economically weaker sections are paid to cast their votes to the TMC. We are in great danger.”


Sonakshi Datta

Intern, Goa Chronicle

DISCLAIMER: This article reflects author’s view point. Goa Chronicle may or may not subscribe to views of the author

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