The Grand Launch of ‘The Makeup Week’ at an Event ‘The Prelude’

MASK introduced the ‘The Makeup Week’ at its teaser event ‘The Prelude’ on the 16th of February at the resplendent Shangri-La, Bengaluru; the official hospitality partner. The Prelude was a quintessential example of how a fraternity can come together to extend solidarity to effectuate a novel idea. The ‘invites only’ event was a sublime blend of doyens – Ms. Leila Sharma, Ms. Asha Latha, Ms. Roopa Ambekar, seasoned – Ms. Zorain Khaleeli, Ms. Zara Syed, Ms. Gouri Kapur, the young turks – Ms. Kulsum Parvez, Ms. Vejetha Anand, Ms. Zeba Sheriff to name a few and a bevy of mentees. Also lending their support were Mr. Chirag Shah of Vaibhav Stores, Mr. Emraan Khaleeli for PAC Cosmetics & Ms. Swatty Kumar for Body Craft Salon among others. The zeal was infectious, the wine velvety (courtesy Fratelli Wines), the cheese succulent and the discussions stimulating. The essentially a “wine and cheese do”, at HYPE, Shangri-La, Bengaluru, had an added fizz through Kingfisher Ultra. Toni & Guy, Escapology and Mysore Fruits Pvt. Ltd. participated as giveaway partners. The event gave a bird’s eye view of the flagship event ‘The Makeup Week’ scheduled for the month of May.



Team MASK With Zorain Khaleeli and Zeeshan Ali


The Makeup Week, the IP of MASK is the brainchild of four young women, Manasa Sagaraju, Ankita Pathak, Sanmati Hiregoudar and Kirthi Sagaraju (oldest trick in the book. Huh!)  who love their mascara and are determined to make sure everyone else does too. There can’t be a better way to do it than creating a launch pad for the masters of this art. Thus, the idea of this event was born. With Ms. Zorain Khaleeli backing the IP as the Curation Advisor for The Makeup Week, and many others contributing their expertise through various other advisory verticals the mission is loud and clear – Showcase Talent, Share Experiences and Sharpen Skills.


The Makeup Week strongly advocates ‘Talent does not equal Gender’ and is determined to break the myopic outlook towards makeup. Bridal and party makeup have typecast the industry in India, so much so that there is little scope for creativity. To drive home the point, the launch event saw the uber-talented Zeeshan Ali’s live makeup transformation that left everyone spellbound! Little surprise then, the fraternity is joining forces to make it happen!


The Makeup Week will be The platform for the makeup artists to show what they’re made up of. The two-day affair will encompass various themed events celebrating the confluence of beauty, talent and art.


We wish them success and wait with baited breath to view the magic on the final show, so much beauty so much elegance so much aplomb all at one place is bound to be exhilarating. The next time you hear Neil Sedaka sing ‘Poetry in motion’ remember it’s these guys who create that beauty.


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