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The importance of Healthy Diet

Good health is a blessing which never come for gratis. Good health means healthy diet is a must. Food is the basic necessity of each and every individual. Along with the intake of food, one must focus on nutrition consumption. What perspective do we own of a healthy diet? It could be said as a complete food diet which enriches us with all the required vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and roughage in adequate amount. Quantity of food merely cannot decide whether a given food item is healthy or not. There are a lot of factors on which a healthy body depends. The type of food we eat, the quality and quantity of the diet, the amount of consumption and many other factors play a vital role for maintaining a healthy body. Greater the demand for food requirement, lower is the attention paid towards it.


In our country, we could see a lot of health related local issues as well. Many people face poverty and are also undernourished. An alarming number of people come under the death rate list and the reason being dearth of proper food and nutrition. Mostly people below poverty line are malnourished. They cannot afford to have even a one-time meal, let alone a day. There is no one to look after them or their problems. The appropriate access to food by every individual fails due to one or more reasons. There are more than half a population who cannot have their everyday meal. Many of them could not even afford to have quality food. Large organisations and programmes have also come up with their steps towards a better and healthy India. We have World Health Organisation, which fulfils the necessary requirements. On the other hand, we also have food security as a major concern in India because it already lags behind. Considering the percentage of hunger related liabilities, we get that one fourth of it are from India. Poor people die almost every day because of hunger. Other organisations like UNICEF has also contributed in improving the health status of the country. Negligence towards the development of slum areas and poor people residing there has also raised some other problems as well. Some people do not get food, while some do get food but are consumed in an unhygienic environment which could affect their health badly. This emphasizes on the fact that cleanliness and hygiene are also important when it comes to intake of nutrition. The quality of food could be affected within a fraction of second if the nearby surroundings turn out to be dirty. A proper control on pests also adds to the factor of food conservation and healthy consumption.


Apart from the poor ones who could not afford the best quality food for various reasons, there comes an irony with the rich ones too. Today, the materialistic boon and trending hi-fi society have blinded the rich. Most of the people desire to have a slim figure. Instead of following a healthy diet, they waste their time and money on junk foods. Many a times, people who get food does not understand its value. They take too much in their plate and ultimately throw them resulting in wastage of food. This practice is widely seen in rich parties and functions. It is so sad to watch these kind of scenario. People do not respect the value of food when they get it while someone craves to have the same. The other category of people especially teenagers are so much involved with the junk food. Children nowadays love noodles, samosa, pizzas, french-fries more than rice, pulses, fruits and green vegetables. Initially they should have a habit of consuming healthy food items. They should not be encouraged to eat chocolates much. Everyone needs to consume food at right time also. There is no point of healthy intake if do not eat on time. Lack of nutrition can make us more prone to non-communicable diseases also. Weakness, vertigo, undernourishment, weak bones and gums are some other possible consequences that might occur due to untimely eating habits. Students should not be burdened with so much homework and assignment work that they are forced to skip their meals. Parents and elders need to teach their children the importance of healthy diet and make them follow the desired rules and principles as well. In places like schools and colleges, certain training programmes should also be conducted where one could attain valuable knowledge regarding food consumption. Vivid resources and platforms need to come into action too. There should be organisations on local basis that could improvise the daily food requirements of common people.


In a nutshell, now we need to be more aware of the issues related to food and health of the people. People should focus on consuming more fruits, green vegetables, cereals, whole grains, milk etc. Milk must be included in diet of every individual because it is a complete food and holds the capability to fulfil the general body requirements. Regarding food habits, we must eat only the required amount of food and that also on time. Too much fat consumption can make our body obese and prone to diseases. One should not waste food in one’s plate. If possible, we could help the ones who can not afford to eat. Moreover, the concerned authorities should also take necessary steps towards this serious problem. After all we say “Health is Wealth”. If there is no health, then we are left with nothing essential.

Supriya Rani

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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