The Jungle Gym is in… ‘Green Exercise’ is a growing trend in Goa.

The great outdoors has always been a lure to busy, stressful folk who sought an escape from their mundane routines. This is how ‘Green Exercise’ as a global trend has become popular and is soon catching on in our very own sun kissed land of Goa!

 We have now been exposed to this whole different form of exercise in cities and urban spaces that did not initially have a big following within the fitness community, at least as a legitimate form of exercise.

Today the distraction of television, smart phones and personal computers has made us stick to the shadows at home all the time neglecting the needs of our body to get more physical activity, fresh air, sunshine and to be in nature.

On the contrary our ancestors would tend to cattle, grow their own food and life was simple and healthy. Obesity was not as common as it is today with our sedentary lifestyles.

Here are a few examples of green exercise activities but may not be limited to helping plant community gardens, starting local organic farms which require you to engage your total body physically.  Activities may include, cutting bamboos, making sheds, digging in the dirt, watering plants etc.

More traditional forms of outdoor exercise may include nature trails, rock climbing, biking, trekking and a host of beach sports.

Other benefits include getting a full body workout and improving cardio- vascular health. The trend is catching on increasingly with urban folk who see going to the gym as a chore or an unnatural environment. 

There are also psychological  benefits of  green exercise like increasing self esteem and reducing stress.  These multiple benefits only improve in the presence of a water body  and so beach sports and fun physical activities by the beach are also a big draw these days.

Popular movie references to this type of Green Exercise is from ‘Yes Man’ where  we see a photography exercise group that jogs and take photos simultaneously as a form of exercise and recreation.

So what can you do to join the revolution?
You too can look up local groups who engage in any form of green exercise. You may find it awkward at first but it may just might grow on you and you may be inspired to start your own ‘green exercise group and in the process, get a little fresh air, feel good about yourself and live a little stress free.

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