The Left-Liberal Media

Most of the Indians kick start their days with a newspaper or mobile in their hands. Both of these are windows to the outer world. Not only do they sensitize us about the happenings all across India but across the globe. A person sitting in Tamil Nadu can read and know all about the social or political circumstances at New Delhi. The news media has indeed paved way for different parts of the world to come together and interact in the form of a ‘global village’ but what if the same media start subverting the news itself?

A set of media houses- digital, television and print which function from their studios and offices situated in Lutyens’ Delhi seem to be hell-bent to distort the same news which bestow upon them a living, fame and respect in the society and they take undue advantage of their profession of journalism to concoct and feed lies to the nation which is supposed to believe in them and their credibility.

The most pertinent question which arises when we talk of this facet of current Indian news media is why do these media houses and their journalists make a travesty out of their profession and the set of morals and ethics associated with the same? Answers are many. First of all, this lobby is closely knit with the left leaning political parties of India and incessantly tries to whitewash the image of their political masters and for doing the same, constantly produce and disseminate lies in the name of news which prove to be beneficial for these leaders and in turn, for these paid journalists as well. The second major reason relates to the same; these journalists work under the payrolls of these politicians and this proves to be immensely lucrative for them and helps them to remain in the good books of ‘influential’ people who use them as tools to peddle fake narratives time and again to justify their stance against their political rivals. These media houses pose as spin doctors for these leaders and they continue to assert significant amount of influence over the political scenario and citizens of the country even when not in real power.

In the recent times, there have been multiple circumstances in which journalists of this kind have twisted the reality and planted fake narratives which suit their political agenda. Back in 2020, when ‘tanishq’, an Indian jewellery brand rolled out an advertisement which was far from reality and hurt the religious sentiments of the Hindu community and as a result, faced backlash and massive boycott by majority of its customers, the left leaning media houses came together to attack the Hindu community overall and made scathing comments against them. But this is not where the vehement opposition ceased. NDTV, a well-known English news channel brazenly planted a fake story of a particular Tanishq showroom situated in Gujarat being vandalized and its staffers being physically attacked by a mob of ‘Hindu’ fanatics which later had to be denied by a police officer who was called by the owner of the showroom to let him know that fake news was being peddled in the name of his jewellery store and that there was no such attack which took place. To the horrors of many, no action has been taken against the news channel for telecasting an incident which never occurred!

Another blatant and brazen attempt of planting fake stories by the left media houses was witnessed by the whole nation in relation to the mysterious death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Even when the onus of probing into the matter was passed on the Central Bureau of Investigation, all the Lutyens’ journalists came together as one and planted innumerable fake narratives which at times, proved to derail the investigation and the CBI officers had to come out in public to assure the citizens that they had not arrived at any conclusion and the probe was still being carried out and requested the people of the country not to believe in theories peddled by certain news channels and newspapers until the investigative agency divulges some information itself. Not only this but a certain journalist who claimed to be a vulture, hungry for stories of any sort, arranged for a ‘friendly’ interview of the prime accused in the case to help her whitewash her image among the masses and conspicuously played the role of a paid PR. The biggest testimony of the fact that he knew this would prove to be perilous is that had flown down from Delhi to Mumbai and recorded this interview at midnight! Nonetheless, he telecast this ‘sensational’ interview because of reasons best known to him.

This particular journalist did not even stop at this. The whole nation witnessed the havoc which was wrecked by the so-called farmers at the national capital on the auspicious Republic day of the country and anyone who was following the happenings of the day by tuning into any of the news channels is aware of the fact that one of the ‘protestors’ succumbed to death amidst all the violence and riot. The fact that the protestor lost his life while rash driving his tractor and trying his hand at ‘stunts’ when his vehicle turned topsy turvy is on record and was seen by the whole nation. But to the horrors of everyone, this journalist cum vulture tweeted about how the man lost his life because he was shot dead by the police personnel and talked about police brutality! Though he deleted the tweet due to the heavy backlash he faced by the netizens, no legal action has been taken against him for concocting a brazen lie which cast direct aspersions on the Delhi police.

India has seen innumerable other attempts at doctoring ‘news pieces’ in the garb of journalism by these Lutyens’ media organizations. It is high time that Indian viewers and readers stay vigilant and bust all the falsities spread to support the political agenda of the left and the government needs to start taking stringent action against these journalists who pose imminent threats for the social and political fabric of the nation. The Information and Broadcast ministry, needs to come out of its slumber and go hammer in tongs against false claims and protect and promote the journalism of truth and ethics.

Sonakshi Dutta

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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