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The Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change release a declaration on climate change

New Delhi: The Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change on Thursday released a declaration on climate change signed by the leaders of 24 key industries and MoEF & CC, which Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar called a historic step.

The declaration was released at the virtual India CEO forum on Climate Change, which was chaired by the Javadekar.

Javadekar, while addressing the India CEO forum on climate change this morning, said that climate change is a very important issue which requires contribution and combined action from the entire globe.

”India is two degrees compliant in actions as well as contributions, so we are asking the world leaders and other countries so that they also walk the talk in compliance with Paris agreement”, he said.

”We have to be clean for ourselves and limit the pollution, the Minister added.

He also spoke about climate justice and lifestyle issues which were brought before by our PM in Paris and they were incorporated in the preamble of the Paris agreement.
He also told the forum that the country had declared in Paris regarding emission reduction by 35 per cent.

Earlier, taking to twitter Prakash Javadekar had also said that the private sector is poised to join hands with the Ministry of Environment Forests and Climate Change in the ongoing fight against the climate change.

The CEO forum has been designed as a platform to bring the industry and government together to work towards climate change,  sharing the roadmap, measures and other practices to bring out the best for the purpose.

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