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The much needed Co-existence of Duties and Democracy

26th January- The day when we Indians celebrate our democracy, this year our nation also got to see how this ‘democracy’ is completely different, rather opposite to ‘mobocracy’. The open conflict between the two led to some disturbing images of rampage onto the streets of Delhi, the police struggling to contain violence, desecration of the Tricolour, etc. More disturbing was the white-washing campaign that followed by a particular cabal with twisted ideologies that exist both nationally and internationally. It went from ‘Right to protest and dissent’ to ‘protestors actually respecting the Tiranga by unfurling their sectorial and religious flag below it’ to even putting all the blame onto the police and many more. Here, all of us citizens must stop and get this penetrated into our very existence as Indians that our Fundamental Rights come hand-in-hand with our Fundamental Duties, both being an essential ingredient to a successful democracy

It is time we start seeing Article 19 that gives us the freedom to ‘express’ and ‘association’ inseparably from Article 51A that talks about our duty to safeguard public property and abjure violence. In this light, how can one overlook the harassment of a lady police officer by the protestors? How can someone back the act of rushing onto the streets waving swords with justifications! Why on the day when India celebrates its’ diverse democracy should flag of any one sect or religion be imposed next to the national flag. Why shall the farmer leaders and the farmers irrespective of who was peaceful and who was not, not be answerable to common people? Especially, after they chose to close their eyes when violence erupted, after giving the assurance to glorify ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’ on Republic Day.

The responsibility also was onto the shoulders of the Government to not let the people of India feel demoralized. The law abiding citizen who votes every time with so much hope, must not be disappointed like this. These road blockades, protests, violence have become a routine phenomenon in the NCR. Moreover, these are most often a result of misinformation and fear-mongering. This affects transportation system, internet facilities, MSMEs that give employment at such large scale that many lives and livelihoods of many fellow Indians get impacted. Who shall be answerable to the hopelessness that shadows them every few months? Their only fault being that they prioritized their fundamental duties to enable all of us to realize our rights. When would be talk about them? When would we talk about the tax-payers too, who see utter disregard of their only want to lead a peaceful and safe life with anarchists beating up our protectors in uniform? Such disruptions on the roads with people rushing onto the streets with weapons forces common civilians to restrain themselves to their houses in fear and shock. Also, are these the ones who are paying for the loss of Rs.3500 crores per day as reported by the ASSOCHAM. The Government shall understand that the ‘boiling frog effect’ can burn down the hopes every nationalist holds in their heart. For law to take its course, the golden mean between the right to protest and the right to life of the silent majority must be sought by all legislative, executive and the judiciary.

At the end, let us not forget to thank our men and women in uniform. In a country where the police and the administration have always been portrayed as authoritarian, they took it all on themselves from the mental anxiety to control the situation from becoming worse to getting physically bruised by the rioters. They also made sure not a single civilian or even the so-called farmers meet any causality. We must stand by them, when fake news mongers try to blame them for the death of the man who died as his tractor over-turned. After all, our jawans showed us how seriously they take the spirit of ‘republic’. Real power is when one successfully abides by one’s duty even after constant instigation and provocation and the police has set the bar of their dutifulness very high this time. Let us come together and contribute our part so that the largest democracy in the world retains its’ confidence and glory.

Shobna Dheemati

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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