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The new Farmers in Town

The ongoing farmers’ protest which is being carried on for more than two months in a row now has undoubtedly made everyone adept at listening to the very word ‘farmer’ twenty times a day. The so-called farmers began their protests with pelting stones at police personnel, toppling barricades down bridges, blockading roads and important highways and driving their tractors over police barricades. Even after all this, many of the countrymen stood in solidarity with the ‘anna daatas’ and blamed the policemen of brutality and violating human rights. Along with all this mayhem, extremely interesting was the leadership of individuals like Yogendra Yadav and Medha Patkar who are anyone but farmers. Next in line were slogans raised calling for the creation of Khalistan and assassination of the Prime Minister of the Indian state. The freedom to create all this chaos proved to be too long a rope given to these rioters in the guise of farmers because of which, the whole nation witnessed the anarchy and violence which was unleashed by the protestors on the very Republic Day of our country. The biggest shocker was the brazen insult of our national flag wherein it was flung away by one of the rioters like a bag of kitchen waste!

After all the drama being unfolded on the 26th of January, India saw many accusatory fingers raised against its democratic essence and the regime at the centre just like the USA did a few days ago because of the violence at Capitol Hill.

Albeit a number of farmers’ unions backed off and bade goodbye to the so-called protests, certain politically motivated elements continue to hold the national capital for ransom and are trying to raise the apprehensions of the nation and the central government by announcing events like a ‘chakka jam’ to be organized on the 6th of February and stating the fact that they won’t call off the protests until October!

As the fact of the matter, every citizen with even a bit of sanity had understood long back, that this is nothing, but an anti- India propaganda fuelled by the political opposition and its stooges and henchmen and backed by Khalistani separatists like Justin Trudeau, the Canadian PM, Jagmeet Singh, another prominent Canadian politician, Imran Khan, the puppet PM of Pakistan, Diljit Dosanjh, a Punjabi singer and actor and many others. A lot of proofs exposing this sham protest have come to the fore and one will not indulge in a deeper discussion.

Let’s cut the chase and have a look at the latest developments related to this anti- India and anti- Modi protest which has turned out to be an embodiment of anarchy and terrorism.

On Tuesday, American singer Rihanna took to twitter to ask her followers as to why they are not paying heed to the ongoing farmers’ protests in India and expressed her support for the farmers. Later, Greta Thunberg, a teenage environmental activist from Sweden tweeted that she stands in solidarity with the Indian farmers. As if this wasn’t enough, to everyone’s surprise, Mia Khalifa, a Lebanese- American porn actress highlighted her dismay at the curb on internet services across many areas at Delhi where the protests continue to be and showed her support for the farmers as well.

On scrutinizing these developments, a major question which crops up in one’s mind is, exactly where were these personalities for the last two months and why didn’t they speak up when the rioters for whom their hearts bleed today, unleashed riots on the streets of Delhi, attacking police personnel with iron rods and brandishing swords at them, desecrating the national flag of India on our Republic Day? Why did all the anarchy remain clandestine for them to discern? Another pertinent doubt is whether these personalities have even an iota of knowledge about the so-called protest, its real objective, and the background of the whole story.

The answer is not that tough to be found. Intriguingly, Jagmeet Singh, the Canadian MP and Khalistan sympathizer mentioned above, hailed Rihanna after she tweeted in support of the protestors for consistently uplifting and empowering the voices of the ‘oppressed’! A friendship of sorts between Singh, accused of terror funding and Rihanna has already come to the fore. A little before the Canadian elections of 2019, Singh, in his speech, boasted about Rihanna following him on Instagram and how they exchanged direct messages as well. This is something which needs to be reckoned with. One doesn’t believe it to be a mere coincidence.

The current happenings highlight one fact quite categorically, the left lobby which vehemently opposes the implementation of the farm bills because of political vendetta, has well established and deep-rooted connections across the globe, maintained for the sole purpose of maligning India, its democracy and its current government. All they do is pay a hefty amount for a single tweet so that their stance gets vindicated and a false narrative about Indian political and social affairs can be peddled all across the globe without much of a difficulty!

Earlier too, India had reprimanded Canada for its uncalled-for opinions about the farmers’ protests. Still, Canada seems to know no stopping. From blaming the Indian government for oppressing the nation’s farmers to sending its MP, one Ramandeep Brar to physically take part in the protest, Canada’s intervention into Indian matters is highly unacceptable.

Similarly, anyone else, be it Rihanna or Greta, holds no right to meddle into India’s internal affairs and espouse dangerous propaganda, especially under circumstances wherein they don’t even know about the reality on ground zero. After all, neither are they farmers nor Indians.

India needs to send out a strong message articulating the fact that we don’t condone foreign personalities poking their noses into our matters as we are capable enough to deal with them and ensure that reconciliation is reached soon.

Sonakshi Datta

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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