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The New Primates in Town – The Taliban!

The Taliban are Islamic terrorists, there is no doubt about their brutality but it is not their barbarian ways that have caught my eye only, it also their ability to make me roll on the floor laughing, getting up and getting back on the floor to roll in laughter with their ludicrous statements.

They are ‘The New Primates in Town’.

A few days back, Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen told the BBC that the terrorist organization that is in control of Afghanistan and plans to form a terrorist-led government in Afghanistan when most Afghanis are fleeing for their lives, that the Taliban will raise its voice for the Muslims in Kashmir saying that they are your own people, your own citizens and they are entitled to equal rights under your law. As Muslims, it was the Taliban’s right to speak out for Muslims living in Kashmir and any other country.

Now, of course, Suhail is parroting the words told to him by the Taliban leaders because I am finding it hard to believe that he actually had the gumption to tell the world through the BBC that the Taliban is raising its voice for the Muslims. It was quite literally a Bullshit Broadcasted Claim (BBC).

The people fleeing Afghanistan in hordes are Muslims. Unless the Taliban does not consider them to be Muslims. The Taliban cannot look after the welfare of their Muslim children, women, and men in Afghanistan but are concerned about the Muslims living in Kashmir.

The Muslims in Kashmir are living free and without fear in India, like most Muslims all over India. The Muslims who live in fear are those who are brainwashed by Islamic radicalization and then prefer to work with Islamic terrorist organizations against the interest of the people of India. These Muslims should live in fear of the repercussions they would face if they grow their Islamic terrorism nuisance in India.

In fact, the Indian army has been freeing the Muslims of their burden of Islamic terrorism by ensuring they meet Allah before time or more damage can be done by ensuring the terrorists are neutralized. As an Indian, more so as a human, I support the Indian Army’s effort unflinchingly. You can deradicalize a radicalized mind but you cannot change the madness in an Islamic terrorist if they have taken it upon themselves to live a life of a terrorist and kill innocent people.

In Kashmir, our children, our women, and our men are safe from the brutality of an Islamic terrorist organization because they live in a secular nation. But are the Muslim children, women, and men safe in Afghanistan? The answer is a big no!

People do not flee a nation if they have hope in the leadership of the nation, people flee a nation and their homeland when they know there is no hope. Most Afghanis fleeing Afghanistan just want their children, women, and men to have equal rights like people living in other countries around the world. They do not want to be burdened under the yolk of this extreme radicalized doctrine and mindset of the Taliban, they want to live free and secure. Under the Taliban they see their equal rights being crushed to bits and the future of their nation taken back to the distant past when the people of Afghanistan lived as nomads.

People of Afghanistan fear for the future of their children under a terrorist organization ruling the country.

People of Afghanistan fear for the future of their women under the Taliban who intend to make most women slave brides for men in their terror organization. They also fear that the future of the growth of women in education and in employment will come to a complete halt or would be under the dictates of this brutal regime.

This cruel joke is not on the people of Afghanistan but on the world when global leaders work to legitimize the Taliban. You do not negotiate with terrorists but more importantly, you do not leave a nation to be governed by monkeys.

The image of the Taliban on social media showing these gun-totting imbeciles playing around in a gym as they have come from the neanderthal era was amusing to most but to tell you the truth it was embarrassing and frightening at the same time. It is a known fact that humans have evolved from monkeys but with the Taliban, it appears that their evolution was stunted. Leaving a country to be ruled by these barbaric primates is an insult to the evolution of the human race.

Even more rib-tickling funny were pictures of some of the Taliban men getting also so euphoric riding bumper cars in an amusement park in Kabul after they captured the city, couple that with pictures of these primates eating icecreams. It reminded me of scenes of my visit to a Zoo, where monkeys were fed bananas and provided entertainment for the day.

The new primates in town is the Taliban and there is nothing funny about it not for the world and certainly not for the people of Afghanistan. It is only a matter of time till the Taliban converts Afghanistan into a global zoo of primates prancing around the nation high on its opium.

So when the Taliban decided to worry about the Muslims in Kashmir, I would like to give these primates a piece of advice, it is their right to choose to be primates and live in a jungle or a zoo but before thinking about India first protect the equal rights of the citizens in Afghanistan, then worry about India, we have evolved, the Taliban has not and will not. That’s the work of nature, not all monkeys evolve to be humans.



Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com
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