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The Racism of our Colonizers

Recently, 8 years old tweets of a cricketer by the name of Ollie Robinson surfaced where he openly delves into racist and sexist remarks. The player, who broke into tears in-front of media, was suspended after his very test debut until the investigation of the same matter is concluded. This opened up a box of worms of similar kinds of tweets where many players have been seen engaging in demeaning remarks against Asians, LGBTQ people, etc. Although most of these tweets were put up when the players were teenagers, even below 16 years of age, the most recent one of 2017 was by Jos Buttler and Brendon McCullum where they were making fun of the Indian accent of the English language.

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Racism isn’t new in the United Kingdom. After the issue was picked up by the England Cricket Board (ECB) many veteran players too came up sharing their experiences. Cricketers of Indian origin like Farokh Engineer shared how he faced discriminatory remarks just for the fact that he was an Indian. The player proudly recognizes today how his English has been better than the Englishmen and how all these stereotyping never made him shy away from holding the batch of his national identity high. Former English players like Geoffrey Boycott mockingly called Indians ‘Bloody Indians’, to which Engineer remarks how “We are all ‘Bloody Indians’ to them until a few years ago. Now the IPL has started and they are all licking our backsides’.

Derogatory remarks aren’t only limited to the fields of cricket. There are self-proclaimed educationists like Audrey Truschke who have been openly criticizing the Indian culture, only to play the victim-card about being a woman once she is called on for the same. Many students in their review about her have pointed out how she insults the Indian students in her classes saying that the ‘Indian culture reeks insensitivity’ when asked questions. This was also seen in the remarks made by the British Economist Jim O’Neill where he was seen thanking God that the Coronavirus didn’t start in India. He went onto criticize the Indian governance even though by that time, UK itself was grappling with the effects of the pandemic, doing worse than India on many fronts.

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The country that has built itself onto the destruction of many rich civilizations including that of India is enveloped in a vague sense of racial and cultural elitism that holds no substance. Probably the West needs to learn that expansionist ideologies they had in the past and still might have it in the present, are not synonymous with greatness. The country is going through the BREXIT and it is hopefully looking towards India’s support for a sustainable economy. India is not only the 3rd largest investor in the UK but also one of the largest job providers there. Even the BCCI here allows earning fame and money to many players from England. This shows how India has traversed its path of development subduing no other nation. This along with the Yoga, Ayurveda, etc. that India has given to the world earns it a distinct place globally.

On 15th August 2022, India would celebrate 75 years of its independence. These 75 years have been a journey where we started from scratch being completely overburdened by communal violence, food deficit, poverty, etc. finally to reach this stage when we are not only the land that is the flag-bearer of the message of ‘Sarva Dharma Sambhao’ (All paths of religion and spirituality are great) but also the fastest growing economy according to the UN bodies. Our colonizers built themselves exhausting our resources. We did it by looking within. We still are moving onto the path of this building ourselves. Nevertheless, the world being a global village demands unity and cooperation. Thus, it is high time that the UK gives up the self-proclaimed elitism and embraces humanity altogether instead of just preaching about it to the world. Because ‘Practice what you preach’ is what they say.

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