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The rape and murder of a Child is the death of Innocence

The most soothing smile in one’s life is the smile of a child

The most healing touch in one’s life is the touch of a child

The most beautiful words of love in one’s life are the words of a child

The most blessed moment in one’s life is the moment when one experience the love of a child.

I believe children are angels.

I believe they are put on the earth to show us adults the beauty of innocence, the beauty of unconditional love and the beauty of living without a care in the world because they know they are taken care off by those who love them.

When you read horrific stories of rape and brutality on young children, you wonder what is wrong with our society.

We are humans but some of us behave as demons.

Think about it, two brutes beat up a little tiny tot nearing 3 years of age, over a Rs 10,000 money dispute with the little girls family.

These demons beat her for 8-hours and completely tortured her body with such demonic madness.

There is no punishment that befits such demons that falls in the purview of human punishments, these demons need to burn in hell.

In our numerous investigations especially on matters of child abuse, I have come across horrifying about stories of children as young at 1-yr old being raped or beaten up.

You wonder where is humanity gone.

The story of Twinkle that has shocked in the last couple of days is an eye-opener to the fact that our society is degenerating and slowly moving to abysmal pit of pure filth that breeds demons.

Here story is no different from Asifa – an eight-year old who was brutally raped and left to die.

India over the last couple of years is witnessing some horrific stories of rape and murder of young children.

We are loosing sight of the purity this nation and its people stood for; we are losing our children in such horrific manner that it is beyond thinkable.

It is a though we have lost our soul.

We must protect our children.

We cannot allow what is pure in our society be trampled upon.

We cannot lose our innocence.

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