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The Rape Shame of Goa – A Cover up in Process!

Ever since I got a call from my friends in the police department relating to me about the heinous crime committed on a seven year old girl from Vasco; I have been going through a period a distraught. Rape to any woman is a crime that needs to be condemned. But when it is a small child, it leads one to categorize the rapist as a demonic beast not even an animal.

Since the day of the crime, GC team has been investigating into gruesome act. And our investigations are leading us to believe that there appears to be a cover-up by the Mormugao Port Trust (MPT) and its school management. Reasons as why this is happening are not clearly ascertained at this point of time, but that, that their actions are highly questionable is without a doubt.

If we go by the sketch description of the head-mistress and staff teacher who noticed an unknown person in the school; then this unknown person is not the rapist; because the sketch description of the rape survivor is clearly and distinctly different. So one is safe to theorize that there would have been two unknown persons in the CISF guarded school; but, if that is not an acceptable theory that there could have been two unknown person either working in tandem or purely coincidental; then how could the description of the head-mistress and teacher differ so vastly for the seven year old rape survivor.

The second most important aspect of this case not known to many is that the rape happened during recess period. Most kids during the recess period as habit go down from the first floor to the ground floor to play; this girl due to an injury chose to stay in class, she visited the toilet at a time when there were two other small children of her age. When she was leaving the toilet room, she was approached by the rapist who led her back into the toilet and violated her. He left her there and walked out of the school. While all this happened especially at the time of the rapist leaving not one teacher or employee of the school noticed an unknown person or persons leave.

The third important point, the rape happened around 10.45 pm, but the police were informed and reached to spot at 1.25 pm, this too on this insistence of the father of the girl and not the school authorities. In fact the FIR, has been filed by the father and not school authorities. But before the police could reach the location of the crime, the teacher (with the help of the ‘Aiya’ and on the instructions of the Head-Mistress)washes and cleans up the girl; even washes her clothes and puts it to dry. This act is itself highly questionable, simply because to all concerned in the school, especially the head-mistress, an incident of rape has occurred and in such a situation, the parents and police have to been informed in time and subsequently all crucial evidences needed to have been gathered. So why then would the go about destroying the evidence under the guise of doing something humanitarian.

The Goa Police have registered a case of negligence on part of the head-mistress and teacher, but besides normal round of questioning, the police have not yet arrested the head-mistress and school teacher, even though they have enough grounds for putting them in jail and put them try the round of interrogation as though they were criminals. Because inside sources in the police department reveal that the head-mistress and school teacher have not been co-operating with the police department and neither are they convinced about their sketch of the rapist and I find that hard to believe that the rape survivor of seven years is clear on the image but the head-mistress and school teacher are not.

To raise more questions on the role of the MPT School, there has been the attempt of MPT through its representatives to silence the parents in offering them Rs 5 lacs as compensation, telling them that there should not be an issue now that the child is safe and healthy, which the parents flatly refused. You might argue that MPT is only trying to protect the interest of their school, but put a lid on crime of rape of a seven year old cannot be ruled out.

After having visited the school, roamed around Vasco and neighboring areas, interacted with some of the parents, interacted with some of the police. Here is what we have assessed so far;

1. This rapist had to have had an accomplice. This accomplice is either from the school or unknown.
2. The rapist and his accomplice know the school well enough to know its entry, exits, classrooms and toilets.
3. The rapist appears to have not picked up the girl in random, because the girl has reportedly stated that she had noticed the rapists before in Vasco near her school bus, when she was in the school bus.
4. The other intriguing part of the description of the rapist besides the image is the shoes and the child’s description of the shoes being chocolate, not brown but chocolate. This is a clue that needs to followed thoroughly because it could relate to particular group of professionals who were such shoes.

GoaChronicle.com will continue with its investigations to unearth what truly transpired before and after the crime.

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