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The Real and the Reel World


Growing up, we always came across a common opinion that the reel world reflects reality. While many times this seems quite relatable, lately just the reverse of it has been happening. This real world is somehow becoming a reflection of the world served to us via that screen, getting skewed in terms of social, political, and cultural dynamics.

Recently, we lost a young girl named Nikita Tomar, becoming a victim of a psychotic mentality garbed as ‘love’. It is painful to realize how with a person, a lot many dreams and aspirations also die. Later, a news came around that the criminal in this case, Tauseef, was actually inspired by a character in a web series called Mirzapur. This shall make us all ponder, are we really not letting such creations fill our mind with filth? Should we allow those fake ideas to influence our true selves slowly transforming the coming generations into a shallow human being confused about what is right and what is wrong, what deserves glorification and what must get condemnation along with penalization if the law prescribes.

Even though movies and serials have mostly been built upon a narrative influencing hateful ideologies against the basic tenets of India and Indians at large, there also existed many creations that were pure work of art stimulating better bonds in the society. However, latest trends tend to be in a competition of replacing the hard work required to create a marvel by monotonous usage of sex and violence to gain attention. Moreover, with the OTT platforms, which are largely out of the purview of the existing laws, these works are available at the tip of the finger. These slowly normalize immorality, hate and everything wrong that can derail a sane character and mind. Worse is when young minds gain access to such works, getting psychologically harmed and even at times horrified.

Many people here might say that creativity cannot be bound within the limits of such ideas and it can include both negativity and positivity. Everyone has the ‘Freedom of Expression’ which somehow comes out through the work they present. This indeed is true. It depends upon an individual, how he receives something coming from the other side. Nevertheless, this can’t absolve someone from being responsible about what they are putting in the society, risking even the ‘Right to Life’ of someone at times. Using one’s influence to propagate stereotypes, communalism, intoxication, and violence packed with their justification, glorification or even false portrayal cannot be taken as an exercise of mere rights and freedoms available to an individual. If at all someone’s creativity is dipped so deep into such a deranged frame of mind, there needs to be a proper filtration process related to accessibility. There must also exist a threshold of such elements which cannot be crossed in these works. For this, the OTT platforms must be brought under the regulations of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in the same way content on television or in theatres exist. Above all, the beautiful minds out there must come up with their works on bigger platforms to nullify the harm done by the former. After all, if the real world influences the reel world, the latter too has the potential to leave an everlasting imprint on the world we actually live in. Let us work to make that imprint worth beholding.

Shobhna Dheemati

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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