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The So-Called Farmers’ protest: A Real Pain in The Neck

The rioters who have been troubling the nation since six months, brazenly under the cloak of ‘farmers’, have now called for a countrywide protest on 26th May to mark the completion of 6 months of this sham of a protest. The number of these rioters continues to swell into a tsunami, turning this protest into a dangerous super-spreader of COVID-19- no social distancing, no masks, PURE MALICE.

The so-called farmers who have unleashed but nothing other than high-scale anarchy, who have the audacity to call their façade a ‘peaceful protest’, have already jarred the essence of Indian law and order innumerable times. From sullying the image of the nation on the very Republic Day of the country, attacking policemen with swords and canes, reports hinting at murders, rapes and holding individuals hostage- these ‘farmers’ have crossed all the limits.

Even after the Indian Government stalled the implementation of the three farm laws for 1.5 years- WHICH ARE NOT ANTI-FARMER, these rioters have not stopped. Why have they constructed pucca houses at the Delhi borders? Who had given them the right to block roads and cause a loss of thousands of crores daily to the Indian economy? Why were they allowed to block the roads due to which transportation of oxygen to Delhi became impossible and green-corridors had to be created for the same? How did they have the audacity to say that they would investigate the matter ‘on their own’ when an activist from West Bengal was raped at their protest site? And now, after all the nuisance and the downright joke made out of Indian democracy, these people are set to create a massive boom in the COVID-19 spread with their country wide protest on the 26th May. What are they even protesting for?

Recently, on May 16th, these ‘farmers’ got violent yet again at Haryana’s Hisar and tried to sabotage a COVID-19 facility inauguration event attended by Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar. They had once again attacked the police personnel present on spot. Even before this, Jan Aushadhi Kendras were vandalized by these rioters and public places destroyed. As per reports, 20 police personnel were reported injured. DSP Abhimanyu was rendered seriously injured as well. In turn, the Hisar police had filed FIRs against these louts.

Despite being clear that it was these ‘farmers’ who had made an offence, a BKU leader, Gurnam Singh Chaduni further instigated them to gherao the Hisar Police Commissioner’s office on May 24th, if the State government did not take back the FIRs filed. He was keen and busy to fuel the violent fire of his ‘farmer friends’.

It is a well known fact how the so called farmers who have returned to their villages in Punjab, have created a boom in the spread of the corona virus. Rural Punjab has been reporting massive surge in the number of infected people, all because of these rioters returning back to their homes after wrecking havoc in the national capital. Even Punjab Minister Tript Rajinder Singh Bajwa confessed that the rise in Punjab’s COVID-19 cases in indeed linked to the protests. Clearly, these protesting sites or better to be called ‘party sites’ with langars someday, pizza parties the other; and these are the new super-spreaders.

In another case of anarchy on May 20th, a blood donation centre which was brought up by the RSS had to be vacated because of these protesters’ nonsense. These anarchists reached the camp and created ruckus. Raising slogans against RSS and BJP, these ‘farmers’ vandalized the camp. And while propaganda shows these ‘farmers’ to be ‘peaceful’, they did not let a noble cause culminate well. To control their menace, additional forces had to be deployed in the area.

It is not only these ‘farmers’ which get under the skin of helpless Indians, the real blood-sucking lice are the political leaders who, for their vested interests, and blinded by their hate of India and Modi (yes, they hate India), continue to incite violence and lawlessness. Former Madhya Pradesh CM, Kamal Nath from the Indian National Congress, in a video, was seen directing Congress workers to ‘set fire’ in the ongoing ‘farmers’ protest’. “Aag lagao” was his motto.

It came out in the public domain on 23rd May, that the preparations for the upcoming countrywide protests from the 26th May onwards is being to be organized with great ‘pomp and show’ has begun. N number of farmers was seen going from Karnal, Haryana to join the protesting ‘farmers’ at the Tikri Border, just like lava erupts out of a volcano. It was indeed a sea of humans. The same Gurnam Singh Chaduni, who is the President of BKU Haryana said, “We are headed with thousands of vehicles from Karnal. Every week we will take people from 1 district to the protest site to maintain gathering.”

It is worthy to ask whether the corona virus is ‘farmer friendly’ and won’t infect the anarchists on the ‘black day’ of 26th May, as they are calling it or whether these ‘farmers’ are immortal. Even if they are, the innocent people whom they might come in contact with are surely not.

Why is it that the Kumbh which was called off, keeping in mind the surging corona cases is abused till date, but the same people who cried their eyes out citing the ‘super spreader’ Kumbh, don’t even whimper at these fake protests?

One of such hypocrites is the Congress. On the 23rd May, the party extended its support to the May 26th protests. Bemusing is the fact that as per Rahul Gandhi and his stooges, the virus spreads only when it is a Hindu festival, not during Eid, not during Baisakhi or these protests. Why does the pandemic get erased from the memory of these leaders when it comes to their agenda and selfish interest? A joint statement by 12 major opposition parties has been signed supporting the ‘virus immune event’.

Another tweet was put up by AAP’s Raghav Chadha, informing everyone that the party supported the protests and urged the Centre to resume talks with the protestors. What talks? There are no farm laws till the next 1.5 years! This is the same AAP which was crying foul saying that the Centre needed to allocate more oxygen while the same ‘farmers’ were stifling the quick transportation of LMO to the national capital region. Where is the AAP’s consideration of the pandemic now? It has dwindled just like the required amount of LMO was reduced by Arvind Kejriwal after the Audit Committee was formed to look into the matter of oxygen demand in Delhi.

It is startling to see that these ‘farmers’ have risen above the State Government of Punjab and obviously the Centre. Punjab CM Capt. Amarinder Singh urged the BKU to stall the planned three-day protests at Patiala, looking at the COVID-19 situation in the state. However, the BKU outrightly rejected the plea!

On the other hand, the petition filed by Shashank Shekhar Jha, Legal Editor, GoaChronicle, who is a responsible Supreme Court advocate, which seeks a stop to these massive super spreaders, is still pending before the apex court of the country.

One thing is for sure, this menace has to be brought to an end, because unfortunately, this won’t stop on its own. Such anarchy would not have started in the first place if these hooligans were responsible enough to stop out of their own conscience. The question which hovers around is that if not even a life- taking virus can create an obstacle to their sinister plans, then what will?


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