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The Spread Of 4G network

The rapid spread of 4G networks in this world has been very famous among the common people. Especially during this pandemic, the use of Jio network has helped quite a lot of people from various age groups. The networking and certain social media platforms have made our life easier and interesting at the same time.

Starting from school students, there are certain learning apps like Byju, Top marks etc. that have helped them to gain a lot of knowledge. Self-study had not been possible for the students of both schools and colleges. The easy access of 4G networks have made it possible for the students to attend online classes and many other study platforms. Many of the youth have procured a golden opportunity to open new channels and give a supportive platform to their innovative and creative ideas. Easy submission of assignments and projects on time not only helps the students to learn but also makes it easy for the teachers to check and mark the work by their students. The brisk spread of 4G network has specially helped the IT and Computer science students. They have access to various software and applications without even going to colleges, schools or their respective workstations. Coding enthusiasts or developers could easily bring their workpiece to the table within a minute. Many of the campus ambassadors have also earned a lot of benefit. They could easily advertise their work or product through social media under an acceptable as well as affordable cost of the worldwide growing 4G network.

Today even the women are making the best use of the available network. Many of the working women have got a chance to “work from home” and represent their work globally too. Even the housewives have gone for opening cooking channels on social media. Hence women are being prone to social media in a productive and positive way. Business-person and office workers also make the best use of the 4G facilities. Even the meetings could be rescheduled anytime when done online. People who had lost their jobs could get new opportunities by connecting to new people on the Internet. The upcoming job seekers could make the best use of their time and connectivity. They could go for building their business team online. Completion of courses have helped a lot of students aspiring for a startup.

The basic benefits of the modern 4G world have already made its essence felt throughout the world. Right from our morning alarm, we totally depend on our gadgets or smartphones which are like a medium for the use of the internet. Today we have an online calendar, google maps and even a calculator. We can easily calculate or know about any place or destination within a fraction of seconds. Facile acquisition of networks at affordable prices have made the lives of movie and Netflix lovers quite easier. Booking cabs or placing an order of a product has become twice as easy as before. There are many apps online available for geeks interest. Book lovers could go for reading online books on certain sites. We also have google classroom for class discussions. We have varieties of music apps that keep us refreshed. One can listen to one’s favorite podcast or enjoy their morning workout with the latest hits of trending songs playlist. All these modes of entertainment could be possible through the most used network in India.

Now as we say every coin has two sides and so there must be some drawbacks of anything. Has 4G network made our lives easier? Yes, but at the same time people have become lazy too. Instead of working hard on their creativity, people tend to google anything and copy the notion. People have been badly addicted to web series, Netflix or even smartphones. Despite sharing quality time with their closed ones, now their cravings have reached the threshold of Internet, Internet and only Internet. Too much social media involvement often has a bad impact on our health mentally as well as physically. We develop many bad habits. We wake up late in the morning and still choose to check our previous posts and tweets instead of adopting healthy tips like yoga and meditation. Despite maintaining proper cleanliness and hygiene, we go out of our comfort zone in the names of trending fashion. People waste a lot of valuable time on their mobiles. Pro gamers wait for their upcoming gaming channels while others are addicted to check the replies on their posts! As we know “Too much of a good thing is itself bad.” Initially everything seems to be alright but we never know that we are being attracted towards a substandard development.

Simply we could conclude that a boon or a bane is just a question of how one utilizes the facilities provided. It could be a boon if we use it in a proper and limited way or it could be a bane if we don’t. Hope the coming generation understands the better way of decoding the mysteries of science and things made possible through the spread of information through the internet. Proper utilization of the resources regarding 4G networking can help build productive ideas for a better India.

Supriya Rani

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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