The Success Story of Adarsh Credit will be Showcased at the Global Summit in Las Vegas, USA

Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society Limited, India largest credit co-operative society is the only organization from India which will be presenting its success story on the global stage of ‘Challenge Yourself to Think’ summit, which is being held in Las Vegas, USA.



Adarsh Credit’s success story at the Global Summit in Las Vegas, USA


The top management of various global organizations are participating in this summit. The global summit will be witness how a credit co-operative society originating from a very small city of Sirohi (Rajasthan) has achieved tremendous success by keeping digital transformation and technical up gradation at the core of its objectives.


Challenge Yourself to Think’ summit will take place from 19 March to 22nd March 2018 and Adarsh Credit will present its success story on 20th March 2018 . The summit will showcase the phenomenal feat of the Adarsh Credit in upgrading to its modern mobile money application Adarsh Money within short span of just 12 weeks.


Rahul Modi, MD & CEO, Adarsh Credit will be accompanied by Himanshu Shah, CTO, Adarsh Credit at this global summit. It is matter of immense pride that Adarsh Credit is being featured at the global stage in front of industry leaders and in presence of the international media.


Challenge Yourself to Think’ summit is a huge platform for Adarsh Credit and it will propel Adarsh Credit in becoming an international organization. The summit will focus on the practical and functional applications of digital technologies where the experiences of international organizations will be discussed along with the nitty-gritty’s of the digital technologies. The summit will also be centered on applying digital technologies in taking businesses and their functions further into newer levels thus making the entire digital system faster and more efficient. There will also be discussions on the future developments and changes in the digital technologies. The technological heads of various national and international organizations will also share their insights and experiences of working with digital technologies in their business processes.


Rahul Modi, MD & CEO, Adarsh Credit will talk about Adarsh Credit’s successful journey towards financial inclusion and technology integration whereas Mr. Himanshu Shah, CTO, Adarsh Credit will narrate the Adarsh Credit’s digital transformation story.


Various industrialists, techpreneurs and digital technology experts will also be addressing a number of sessions.

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