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The Unemployment Issue

Recently, the social media world is witnessing a hashtag ‘Modi Rojgar Do’ quite often. This is also seen as a concern taking place slowly in the minds of many youths. Let us look at the relevance of this campaign and how much substance the demand itself holds.

The very first complaint that the millennial has is the sudden decrease in job opportunities due to privatization. This leads many to initiate the ‘Ambani-Adani’ type of comment. Not only these statements reflect how current generation is falling for every other propaganda campaign, but these also demand introspection- are we really looking for the solution to a grave problem like this or are merely interested in politics? Not only the present government appreciably took to the bidding process for privatization, steps to display these procedures on the websites of various ministries is also successfully being done, making the proceedings transparent. This is one of the reasons for the absence of scams unlike previous regimes. For those, who blame this for lack of jobs, they are basically demanding for ‘Government’ jobs. Here, one thing that needs to be understood is that- government jobs shall not be a part of employment generation programs. These are the services that are the backbone of the economical and administrative system of the country. Thus, quality and not quantity shall be the priority. Government services are not a part of welfare projects or any NGO thus, their purpose solely being to make India rise in the global competition- which is quite ruthless.

Now comes the private sector that includes both national and international companies and even the multi-nationals. These sectors, especially the service sector has boosted the job market to a great extent. The government needs to provide bigger impetus to the secondary sector as well as the primary. This will not only generate employment but would also make India ‘Atma-Nirbhar’ by providing us with technologies and skill to exploit our own resources rather than depending upon imports.

What else needs to be seen is the unorganized sector. This contributes to nearly 30% of the GDP and around 44% of the exports. Still, in all these years, this remains the most neglected sector in all the surveys, thus leaving many job opportunities untapped. As for the workforce working in these, lack of regularization has deprived them of benefits like regular salary, job surety, pension programs, etc. This needs the immediate attention of our Government.

Apart from all this, it really takes a toll on someone’s life who works for government competition throughout the year, gives the exam and must wait for the results for another year. This not only puts the future of a student in uncertainty but also kills their zeal- the most important attribute to a youth life. The whole competitive exam process needs an overhaul at all dimensions including vacancies and results. A young life takes the burden of own aspirations, family’s expectations, and societal pressure. We cannot add to this due to an inefficient system that is obsolete and incompetent. The hashtag of ‘Modi rojgar do’ mainly points to this aspect as the results of SSC exams are pending since years. The government must take responsibility and not let down the people in whom we see the future of India.

Shobhna Dheemati

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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