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The winners of the POSKAR Award

In keeping with the adage that says we should live life with a laughter, we at decided to introduce the POSKAR Awards aimed at tickling your funny bone. The POSKAR award is taking a funny look at the political-social issues and people in the state and Centre.

Best Actor in a Comic Role : Churchill Alemao (Movie – Rise of EVMs)

(Nothing could be more amusing than former PWD Minister Churchill Alemao blaming the Electronic Voting Machines for his defeat in Navelim by first-time contender and now Minister Avertano Furtado)

Best Actor in a Negative Role : Oscar Fernandes (Movie – The Family Raj)

(Almost all Congress leaders and members have touted that main villain to loss of the Congress in the Goa Assembly election had been the Chairman of the Congress Election Committee (CEC) Oscar Fernandes for his decision to award the tickets to family members of most Congress leaders)

Best Actor Drama/Musical : Manohar Parrikar (Movie – The U-Turns)

(For all the promises and tall claims made as an Opposition Leader, especially on mining, wherein the PAC report stated illegal mining exists in Goa, but in the assembly Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar says illegal mining does not exist in Goa, but it is irregular mining. Shah Commission report and the Supreme Court case has now exposed the closeness to mining lobby by both Congress and BJP. It is also for all the change in stance on issues of Casinos, RP 2021 etc).

Best Actress Drama/Musical :  Pratima Coutinho (Movie – The Bonded Laborers)

(This feisty Congress Youth leader who does not enjoy support from all the local leaders in Goa, ran into controversy over being the front-runner for Fatorda Congress ticket, take- out a fight with former Congress minister Manohar (Babu) Azgaonkar, being appointed as vice-chairman on Margao Municipal Council, by most members claimed to have a BJP alliance, something that has got even Congress leaders at the Centre annoyed).

Best Movie : BJP Productions (Movie -Go, Going, Gone Congress)

(This undoubtedly has to be the best movie of the year, when BJP think-tank strategically and effectively outsmarted the Congress who thought that they would walk into the Goa Assembly unchallenged. Unfortunately for them, BJP rode the anti-corruption wave efficiently. Took over colleges and social network. Spread the message of negativity of the Congress leaders aggressively. Till the last minute expected to do 20 to 21 seats but ended up with single digit number 9. BJP got its boost from its audience the people of Goa who wanted a Zero-Corruption governance).

Best Director : Satish Dhond and Manohar Parrikar (Movie – Go, Going, Gone Congress)

(Satish Dhond, the RSS face in Goa and Manohar Parrikar worked in tandem to effectively direct the fall of the Congress party in Goa. They were ably supported by their Assistant Directors Laxmikant Parsekar, Damodar Naik, Narinder Sawaikar, Dr Pramod Sawant).

Lifetime Achievement Award : Dr Wilfred DSouza (Last Movie – The Last Stand)

(The Goa Assembly elections proved that its time for Goa’s shrewd politician to throw in the towel. His attempt with Trinamool Congress (TMC) failed miserably and the new breed of politicians feel that its time D’Souza sits at home).

Best Art Direction : Subash Shirodkar and Team (Movie – Gandhi Comes to Goa)

(This goes to the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) president Subash Shirodkar for the nice stage set-up put during Sonia Gandhi’s visit to Goa on the eve of the elections. Not to forget the paid-crowd that Shirodkar managed to get from outskirts of Karnataka and Goa).

Best Song & Music Direction : Vijai Sardesai and Team (Song – Why Worry, Don’t Worry : Movie – I am Vijai)

(A complete rip-off of the famous Kolaveri D tune; it had some catchy lyrics, but lacked creativeness. It did however proved to be a hit with the Vijai supporters).

Best Dialogue : Goa to be India’s Singapore (Movie – To Singapore with Love)

Interestingly both national leaders of the BJP and Congress Nitin Gadkari and Sudhakar Reddy during their visit to Goa pre and post election campaign both announced that Goa should be turned into Singapore. This of course has also been what the national real estate lobby  is keen on making happen in Goa. It is not a wonder why a simple Regional Plan till today has to go through twist and turns according the demands of the politicians and builder lobby. So expect Goa’s greenery to be lost in sometime, mining helped do that in some measure, the real estate plans will do that as well now).

Best Story : Movie – Mines & Swines

(This has to be awarded to the mining lobby and politicians in the state and Centre like Digambar Kamat, Pratapsingh Rane, Manohar Parrikar, A Raja, Jairam Ramesh and of course our own Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh for allowing illegal mining to continue unabated in the state and then tell the people that it does not exist. Also for the continuous media reports of the good the mining companies are doing for the state).

The Bud Spencer/Terence Hill Special Award – Independent Fatorda MLA Vijai Sardesai and Congress MLA Alexio Reginald Lourenco

Their combination of verbal attack on the Parrikar-led government is reminiscent of the Western action movies starring Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. So far at a time when most in the Opposition are quiet and ruling not sure of where Parrikar is taking the government, they provide the entertainment to the people of Goa.

Please Note : The POSKAR Award is meant to be a humorous take to the past twelve months in the Goa social-political scene. It is not meant to hurt anyone, though its facts cannot be denied.

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