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There could be no comparison between Donald Trump and his Predecessors

US presidents have a history of war which is generally carried forward to the new presidents as the legacy in which they add more wars. However, the tenure of Joe Biden as president of United States will be different since Donald Trump as the 45th president did not initiate even a single war.

Donald Trump’s predecessors were all into wars. The 44th president and Noble Peace Prize awardee Barack Obama of Democratic party is often hailed as the hero of liberals throughout the America and world has initiated multiple wars. Few of them were so horrific that people actually questioned the committee who awarded him the Nobel Prize for Peace. In his two terms of 4 years each as president, he initiated Operation Ocean Shield (2009-16). He also led the US intervening in Libya along with other partners which has caused enough bloodshed (2011). Under his tenure, USA intervened in Iraq and Syria to counter ISIS. In Iraq, US troops were already present but in Syria, full fledged attack was initiated by US under the leadership of Obama who wanted to change the regime. Obama got US into the civil war of Yemen (2015).

Predecessor of Barack Obama was George W. Bush, a Republican and was the 43rd president of United States of America for two terms of four year each from 2001-2009. He initiated war with Afghanistan and invaded the Islamic nation in 2001 which not only disturbed the whole Asian subcontinent, but the area has now become the hub of terrorism with the help of rogue nation Pakistan. Cost of having war with Afghanistan is such that, even USA is willing to come of out of it, but they are unable to do so.

Another big invasion led by the administration of George W Bush was into Iraq in 2003. In the name of dreaded mass weapon, US along with its partner nations have attacked the then strong and stable nation Iraq however no weapon for mass destruction was ever found. However, US under Bush didn’t leave and kept fighting with the gulf country and passed the legacy to President Obama. USA under George W Bush have initiated war in Northwest Pakistan and has also intervened in Somali Civil War for the second time both of which are continued till date.

Bill Clinton was the predecessor of George W Bush and was the 42nd president of United States. Under his leadership, United States of America intervened in Haiti and led Kosovo War.

George H W Bush was the predecessor of Bill Clinton and had a single term as 41st president of United States of America for four years from 1989-93. Under his leadership, US invaded Panama. He also led US into many wars including Gulf War, Bosnian War and intervened in Somali Civil War for the first time. US had very sour relations with Iraq under his leadership and have officially declared no-flying zone which was continued for over 12 years.

Ronald Reagan was the 40th president of America and was the Predecessor of George H W Bush. Under his two terms of four year each from 1981-89, he led US into several wars including Gulf of Sidra Encounter, intervention in Lebanon, and invasion and bombing of Grenada and Libya.

There could be no comparison between Donald Trump and his predecessors since he has been the most peaceful president in past several decades. Rather than starting a new war like his predecessors, President Trump have tried to break peace and had been successful especially in Middle East where Islamic Nations like Bahrain, UAE and Sudan have signed peace treaty with Israel. Hopefully, the world will remember him for what he actually is.


Author: Adv. Shashank Shekhar Jha
Legal Editor, GoaChronicle.com

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