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There is an attempt to misguide house: Luizinho Faleiro

Former Goa Chief Minister Luizinho Faleiro on Friday claimed that the adjournment motion moved by the Congress MLAs on Thursday held good on Friday also and alleged that there was an attempt to misguide the House.

Speaking to reporters at Assembly complex at Porvorim near the city, he said, “I want to clarify one thing which honourable Speaker has raised. He said our adjournment motion was given yesterday and it does not hold good today. Absolutely wrong, and here is an attempt to misguide the House. We had put adjournment motion yesterday under rule 68 and it is upto the Speaker to accept the motion or not to accept the motion.”

The Nuvem MLAs said the motion was moved on a very import issue which was affecting health of the people of the state and nobody could brush it aside.

“Now since it is a very very important motion which is affecting health of the people of the state, day by day we are getting very very serious reports, formalin is not only affecting the people ordinarily, it is affecting the pregnant mothers, new born child, wellness of the people and one of the sickness which is expanding in the state of Goa is cancer and other sicknesses. Its a very serious matter and nobody can brush it aside. Yesterday was not a washout. For us health of the human being is very very important and whatever may be the rules and regulations, the rules and regulations are made for the functioning of the House. So till today the adjournment motion is before the House and it has not been disposed off by the Speaker because we have not seen the order,” he said.

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