There is no place for Dalits in the PM’s heart: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, Aug 9 (UNI) Charging the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi of being ‘anti-dalit’, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said that there is no place for dalits in the PM’s heart.

Addressing a protest at Jantar Mantar against the dilution of the SC ST (Prevention of atrocities) Bill, the Congress president said,’’ In his book of speeches in Gujarat, the Prime Minister said that the dalits get pleasure from work of scavenging. These lines reflect his thinking and ideology. His thought and mindset is that the dalits have no place in the future of the country.

The PM, the BJP and the RSS think that dalits should not strengthen their roots in the country be it education or development.The weaker sections and the dalits know that there is no place in the PM’s heart for the dalits. He wants to trample their right.

Charging the NDA Government at the Centre of diluting the SC ST (Prevention of atrocities) Act, the Congress president said the Congress party would resist any attempts by the Government to do so.

“The Dalit (prevention of atrocities) act had been given by former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and the Congress to the country. However, Mr Narendra Modij allowed it to be lapsed. Further, the judge who diluted the act, was given a promotion by the Modi Government. The Congress will make all efforts to ensure that the Bill is strengthened and not diluted,” Rahul said at the protest which was also attended by CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury.

Rahul said that the Modi Government had been striking at every attempt by dalits to move forward.

“If one looks at education, Rohit Vermula is the victim of atrocities and was killed. Wherever BJP is in power, dalits are openly killed and their rights trampled upon. We do not want such a government. There should be place for all people in this country be it dalits, backwards, poor or minorities. All sections should have a place in future of the country. It is for such an India that the Congress party will fight vehemently. We will not budge an inch in our struggle for the rights of the dalits,” he said.

The Congress president said that the whole country will speak in one voice against the BJP, the RSS and Mr Modi in 2019.

“You will see the entire country speaking in one voice against the BJP, the RSS and Mr Modi in 2019. We will defeat the BJP. The Government that will be formed in 2019 will be a government of the dalits, tribals and the weaker sections,” he said.


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