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There’ll be no poriborton (change) in the state but there will be poriborton in Delhi: Mamata

Siliguri: West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo Mamata Banerjee on Sunday gets back at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said there’ll be no poriborton (change) in the state but there will be poriborton in Delhi.

Leading a march here against the LPG hike, Ms Banerjee said:, ‘Khela hobe’. I am ready to play one-on-one… If they (BJP) want to buy votes, take the money and cast your vote for TMC.

She said India knows about a syndicate that is Modi and Amit Shah’s syndicate

After completing the ‘padyatra’ in protest against rising fuel prices, the TMC supremo said, “BJP doesn’t come here for work or development, they only come for their promotion. But before promotion they should answer why the price of LPG petrol and diesel are rising.”.

“He (PM Modi) said there is no women security in Bengal but look at UP, Bihar and other states. Women are safe in Bengal,” Ms Banerjee said.

BJP said it will make West Bengal ‘Sonar Bangla’, it is not even capable of doing any development work at Centre,” the TMC supremo said.

“I have never seen a PM who lies everywhere. He doesn’t know anything but to lie. PM reads his speeches from teleprompter in Bengal. He writes the Bengali slogans in Gujarati,” Ms Banerjee said.

The chief minister said, “For BJP, before elections ujala and post elections jumla. People will not tolerate BJP’s lies. If they bribe you for votes, you know what to do. Bengal doesn’t want their tolabazi and jumla.”

Over 50,000 women walked together to question against the hefty rise in LPG price in the country. This fight is being led by Bengal’s own daughter Mamata Banerjee along with the women of Bengal, a senior TMC leader said.

The women of Bengal has today shown the entire country how to lead a fight against a fascist

regime that has unleashed its brute power to torture mankind in the country, he said.

“At present, LPG prices stand at Rs845. The prices were Rs 795, Rs 720 & Rs 584.50 in Feb 2021, Dec 2020 & May 2020 respectively. What is this if not a torture against the Aam Admi,” the TMC leader added.

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