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There’s something about Renuka’s laugh

I was intently watching Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech in Parliament as I was working from my hotel room suite in Bangalore. The passion and conviction in which he was speaking had me in awe of his commitment to India and to his mission ‘Congress Mukth Bharat’.

Of course throughout his speech there was rampant noise from the Opposition; besides this noise pollution in Parliament, PM Modi continued to speak unfazed.

I decided to munch on my packet of cashew nuts which I often carry with me for light snack when suddenly in the background of the Prime Minister’s speech I heard a diabolic laughter. I bit on my lip and almost fell of my chair hearing such a hysterical laugh.

Some are now calling it a cackle but seriously it reminded me of the laughter of ‘Cruella Devil’ in 101 Dalmatians. Somewhere in India at that minute 103 Dalmatians where worried that Cruella had come back to haunt and hunt for them, since she failed in both 101 Dalmatians and 102 Dalmatians.

Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu tried to get Renuka Chowdhary to stop laughing, even suggested she see a Doctor to cure her of her hysteria but she continued laughing.

Narendra Modi putting on his chivalrous best without even once losing his composure with the constant disturbance and now this diabolic laughter; he requested the Speaker of the House Naidu to let her continue to laugh as many have not witnessed such a laughter in a long time, last being seen in the popular TV serial ‘Ramayana’.

The whole house now erupted in laughter but Renuka stopped laughing.

Post that episode, Renuka Chowdhary has started to play the victim card and openly criticise Modi for disrespecting a woman. Many in the Congress are whining on social media and mainstream media that Modi and BJP compared Renuka to Ravan’s sister Surpanakha after Union Minister Kiran Rijju joined in the fun and shared a video of the TV serial ‘Ramayana’ featuring ‘Surpanakha’ on social media.

Some feminist in media and social circles have to come to defence of Renuka saying that because she is woman she has been targeted, so what if a female demon like ‘Surpanakha’ loved Ram and laughed hysterically, Ram had not right to cut of her nose, much like how Prime Minster Modi did surgical strike with elan of Renuka’s nose.

There is no point in arguing with feminist with a skewered anti-Modi agenda, they could even start singing ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ if it is to show Modi and BJP in poor light.

But it important to ask most of these fly-by-day feminists on their claims of our society being a patriarchal society, a pertinent question that affects all our lives.

The two most prolific religions of this world Christianity and Islam are deeply routed in a patriarchal thought around which their Dogma flows. God in most of the West and Arab world is often portrayed a male dominant figure not a female, but I have never heard anyone feminist now crying over Renuka’s right to laugh like ‘Cruella Devil’, raise this issue.

If at all there is any religion that accords any equal respect to a female and treats her as a God it is Hinduism.

But I am sure you will discard my thoughts as that of a Christian Sanghi and not have the courage to demand equal status for females in all religion.

My dear feminist ask yourself this one question, if Eve were to be at Garden of Eden today along with Adam, would you let the Christians do what is done in The Holy Bible in the Book of the Genesis – accord the failure of humanity to a woman, as done to Eve because she ate an Apple first and gave it to Adam. Even Mary Magdalene got branded in history as a prostitute by the Catholic Church.

To me Renuka’s laughter reeks of sycophancy to her leaders and hatred to Prime Minister Modi. If you have the courage to show disrespect and laugh at the Prime Minister of India, then have the courage to face the outrage, that’s the strength of a woman.

Grow up Ms Chowdhary and act your age – with the responsibility of your position as a Member of Parliament.

P.S. Heard Navjot Singh Sidhu is very upset because some told him that they will not be renewing his Comedy Club contract, they have found a new laughing mascot – a hyena. Also that Walt Disney is seriously considering casting for 103 Dalmatians.

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com

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