These accusations are false!

 I had already resigned from my present position and am on 2 month notice period. 2 days back my boss called me to say that she is suspending me due to her finding me doing competitive work outside office. These accusations are false! I asked her to show the proof or call the person who has said so. But she did not do anything and asked me to leave right away, and told that sneakers will call me after a week or so to discuss further.  Also want to know is it legally right of her to do so and not showing anything as valid reason to do so. All of the accusation that is been put on me are all false. Please help.


It will be difficult to give you a crystal clear advice as I do not know the terms and conditions of your service which you have entered and the nature of Obligations towards each other agreed. however provisions of law provide for a fair hearing and understanding, you have stated that you have tendered your resignation, so also as a matter of fact the courts are against the concept of arbitrary termination of service hence you cannot be terminated from service as a rule, so also you are still entitled for benefits which if pending can be claimed. Do not worry of accusation they have not been proved by a competent authority and so also you have legal options of damages on account of any Injury to your Legal rights.

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