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Thief Leaps To Death

In a bizarre incident, a thief died after he jumped off a building a bid to escape vigilant neighbours who sought to nab him after he burgled a flat at Haveli-Curti in Ponda on Tuesday afternoon.
The thief entered a flat on the second floor of the Kazi Residency after breaking open the lock. However, neighbours on the first floor below got suspicious and raised an alarm.
Fearing his arrest, the thief ran to the terrace of the building and jumped off the building trying to land on the terrace of the adjoining building. However, he failed to cover the distance and landed on the ground.
Although he was rushed to the Infectious Diseases Hospital at Ponda, he was declared dead. Police recovered gold ornaments worth Rs. 50,000 and a digital camera from the booty looted by the thief.

Meanwhile at Vasco, in broad daylight thieves broke into three flats on the second floor of Sushila Smruti Building at Vaddem in Vasco and failed to enter another two.
According to Sidesh Raikar whose two flats were burgled, cash amounting to Rs. 8,500 and goods worth around Rs. 30,000 were burgled during the morning hours after he left for work at 9 am and before he returned home at 1 pm.
The thieves entered the flats by breaking open the main doors. And while Sidesh has lodged his complaint with the police, owners of the third flat that was burgled are out of station and yet to lodge their complaint.
The thieves also tried to break open the doors of two other flats on the third floor, but gave up as they noticed some movement in the building.

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