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This is Goa! Respect It!

The word Goa evokes strong sentiments, a blessed land naturally gifted with a genteel people, its long coast washed by the warm waters of the Arabian sea,  fertile farms and waters that yield a living to all its people.

This was Goa, today it’s PARADISE LOST abused by years of neglect; Goa has seen successive Governments ignore the needs of Goa and focus on retaining power at all costs, catering to a select group of businessmen that have stolen Goa’s natural resources and left this one pristine land scarred forever with gaping wounds.

The legacy of this myopic vision is now apparent in the garbage strewn roads across this once beautiful state, unregulated construction has turned a once planned state into a Chandni Chowk with no architectural vision and a “build at any cost” policy.

To make matters worse even the culture has been abused by international and domestic visitor’s who treat Goa like a prostitute, pay and abuse. Goa has gone from a once beautiful state where bougainvillea’s adorned homes and palms swayed majestically in the warm sea breeze to a place where concrete blocks sprout like weeds to welcome the lowest end of the tourist trade. People with no respect for culture or tradition.

It is heartening to finally see a local home grown movement headed by Goa Su-Raj Party ( GSRP) take a lead in educating and informing visitors that THIS IS GOA, RESPECT IT.

GSRP has begun the campaign and it’s hoped that Goan’s across Goa and the world will find their sense of pride and bring back the charm that drew visitor’s in the first place. But they cannot achieve this alone, today we as Goans and lovers of Goa must understand that if we don’t stand for protecting Goa, its beauty and its culture, we will most certainly be lost.

Here’s hoping for PARADISE REGAINED.

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