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Social media needs to be curbed for politicians to sleep well – Cabral

Power Minister Nilesh Cabral has favoured curbs on social media to ensure that the politicians can have good sleep. (Pic Sameer Narvekar)

GOA: Power Minister Nilesh Cabral on Wednesday congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi for bringing in curbs on the social media.

Cabral said that the people in the position and specially politicians have to undergo sleepless nights because of the “wrong information” posted on social media.

The minister was addressing ‘Goa Legislators’ Day’ function organised here by Goa Legislators’ Forum, comprising of all the current and former lawmakers.

“The social media is very vocal this time. It may not be so strong during your tenure. The social media is so strong now,” Cabral said addressing the gathering of former MLAs.
“I congratulate Prime Minister Narendra Modi for bringing curbs on social media. You may not agree but you require curbs in social media for wrong information,” he said.

The minister said “if the information is right then there should not be curbs.”

“But somewhere wrong information is bringing in lot of ill-feeling in the society. One of the major cause of stress today related to society and related to us is social media,” he added.

Cabral said sometimes social media carries something which we have never said. “Then people start believing that wrong information as fact of life,” he added.

The minister also took a dig at newspapers. “There are good newspapers and some are bad newspapers,” he commented.

Cabral said that the curbs on social media is required so that the people in the positions specially politicians can enjoy a good sleep.

“ We,  as Indians, should be able to get peaceful sleep. Your sleep is disturbed when the allegations are leveled without any reason,” he added.

Referring to the current and former MLAs, the minister said “when we talk about legislature and getting benefits of legislative assembly. We all know what stress we have gone through or we are going through.”

“Expectations of the people never decreases, in fact they keep on increasing. The more work you do, the expectations rise,” he said.

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