This Valentine’s Choose to be #Equalsinlove with Platinum Love Bands

For a long time, the prevailing rules of a relationship have revolved around norms dictated by society especially when it comes to gender roles. Today, the paradigm of love is being redefined. Modern couples are choosing roles that fit their unique relationship – each bringing their individual strength to the table with a focus on true partnership. It is evolving to be a kind of love that forms the most honest union of two individuals – as equals.

Platinum Days of Love – #EqualsInLove campaign

Revelling in this modern discourse of love, Platinum Days of Love has rolled out a powerful new campaign that celebrates couples who strive to be equal partners in every way. Where couples stop looking at ambitions, dreams, expectations and responsibilities as his or hers, instead they make decisions based on what is truly apt for that instance in life.

Conceptualised and developed by Denstu Webchutney, the campaign features a set of films that endearingly mirrors this modern rendition of relationships. From equally splitting the rent of a new home – to a man deciding that he wants to be a stay-at-home-husband, these films showcase how truly rewarding & liberating it can be to have an equal partner in each other.

“Most conversations around this occasion tend to be sugary & mushy hitting out at triggers to gift. We wanted to arrive at it from the lens of a subject that is deeper & felt by couples to today. Equality here doesn’t just mean just the function  of equal division, rather its where both partners are attuned to each other’s strengths and true potential – everything is evaluated for them as a unit through those factors. There is mutual respect, support and a sense of teamwork. As easy as it may sound, to have a relationship like this is truly rare, befitting of metal like platinum.” said Sujala Martis, Director Consumer Marketing, Platinum Guild International – India.

Executive Creative Director of Dentsu Webchutney, Pravin Sutar, comments on the campaign, “The topic of equality is one that’s extremely relevant in today’s environment. We wanted to add a unique perspective to it with the themes and nuances our films bring to life. Each film strikes upon a powerful way in which couples meet each other halfway to form a rare, unmatched bond.”

Senior Creative Director, Denstu Webchutney,  Aalap Desai, says, “We wanted to not just celebrate couples who match each other as equals, but to challenge the status quo with our films. Each film overturns traditional roles, becoming a source of aspiration for young couples who’re about to set out on their journey of love.”

PDOL has curated a collection of 6 exquisite Platinum Love Bands in its “#Equalsinlove” collection that are sure to speak to you, both about a love and commitment that is based on equality. Every design in this collection is crafted as a pair, for him and her, striking a balance between masculine and feminine design sensibilities yet connecting them through a singular design expression of love.

And that’s not all! All through February (1st to 21st February, 2019) on the purchase of Platinum Love Bands, 6 lucky couples will get a chance to create a beautiful platinum album of memories by winning a 4-day trip to some of the most beautiful and exotic destinations in the world including Switzerland, Greece, Paris, London, Thailand and Dubai!

The #EqualsInLove campaign will be extensively amplified on social media and digital mediums. The films of the campaign will be showcased on Platinum’s social media handles @TruePlatinum950 on Instagram and @PlatinumDaysOfLove on Facebook.

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