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Tiger Presence in Goa Confirmed

The presence of a Royal Bengal Tiger in Goa has been confirmed with government officials and environmentalists authenticating its pug marks in the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary around the Anjunem dam’s catchment area.
For quite some time now, residents of this area have been reporting sighting of a tiger. In fact in December 2010 a local Pandurang Gawas and his son claimed to have seen a tiger crossing the road alongside the dam.
Renowned environmentalist Rajendra Kerkar confirmed finding the pug marks of a tiger and a cub in the catchment area of the dam.

Significantly, during the wildlife census conducted last year, Forest Department officials had claimed to have found tiger pug marks in the area.
Even as people from different walks of life claimed to have heard the tigers roar very often, their presence could not be confirmed.
However, on Monday, Parshuram Kambli working at the dam saw some pug marks and brought them to the notice of his seniors who in turn contacted the Forest Department following which the confirmation of them being tiger pug marks was made.
It may be recalled that for quite some time now, the presence of tiger in this area was being spoken about. In fact, the Forest Department officials are even investigating a case wherein it is reported that a tiger was killed by some people in the area.
While leopards are found aplenty in Goan forests and many of them even stray in settlement areas, this is the first time that there is such an authoritative confirmation of the presence of a tiger in Goan territory.

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